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(Competition Season Meeting)
(Competition Season Meeting)
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! Recorded by:  
! Recorded by:  
! Date:
! Date:
! Journal Editor: Akhila
! Journal Editor: Brad/Akhila
! Date:
! Date:
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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Monday, January 5, 2015 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Akhila, Josh, Justin, Braden, Amal, Brad, Eric

Tasks Reflections
Motors and Wiring (Stuffs in the Stuff)
  • Josh attempted to take off the omni-wheel, but unfortunately lost the sprocket for the chain drive. He searched for a long time and finally found the sprocket and fixed the wheel so it could be bored.
  • Amal and Josh helped Gary the Plumber with the wiring.
  • We used a heat gun to make a prototype of our coiled cable for a servo motor attached to the top of our diverter. The heat gun was used to heat the tube full of wires. We didn't like the prototype. It provided too much tension on the linear slide.
  • Amal used the heat glue the most.
  • Trevor and Eric glued the 3D printed logo and numbers onto the robot. Trevor had printed them on his 3D printer.
  • Akhila put together a new mount for the second IR beacon. After discussing it before, it was finally decided that a second IR would be really beneficial to the parking zone autonomous. While doing this, she realized how much she missed playing with LEGO parts, and had a lot of fun doing it. She is really excited to see how the code and the sensors work together!
Changed motor
  • Justin changed a motor for the bapper that Josh smoked on Saturday.
  • The team all took the written portion of the driving test, which talked about all of the rules and what the team would get penalized for. Everyone had to take the test, and the people with the best scores would be put into consideration for the drive teams.
  • The test was tough, and focused a lot on penalties of the game.
  • They all used Akhila's flashcards to study at the beginning.

Recorded by: Date: Journal Editor: Brad/Akhila Date: