FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2016-03-22

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Team Members in Attendance:
22 March 2016 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Akhila, Josh, Trevor, Braden, Amal, Daniel, Justin, Jake

Tasks Reflections
Post Mortem of Super Regionals
  • Following true Sab-BOT-age tradition, we decided to post mortem our last tournament.
  • We decided that Super Regionals went reasonably well. We were second seed after quals, and we ended up being division finalists. We were also finalists for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, which is something we were proud of. We also made worlds, a first for our team!
  • We first went over things that went well. The robot didn't break... at all. The drive team communicated very well, and judging went decidedly well! We met lots of other teams and made many new friends, and had lots of fun. It was a good experience. Our climbing was very reliable, our autonomous worked, and we could consistently score 12 blocks in the mid zone. We also got two complementary teams off of our top pick list, 6055, the GearTicks, and our old friends 8645, the Robotic Doges.
  • Next is things that didn't go too well. The intake was slow. Against faster bots, we were left almost cube less, which is a problem. We also didn't hang. Our pit interviews could have gone smoother, and the robot lost communication rather easily. Our scouting data was scarce and alliance selection could have gone a LOT more stress free and smooth.
  • The last section is actions. We will widen the tubes for the intake, figure out a hang, and train the scouts. We have dedicated a whole time to driver's practice, which was clearly lacking at Supers.
The Schedule
  • We also decided to remedy the schedule. We have blocked off certain dates and times for certain activities, leaving a whole week for driving.