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(19-October - Duel on the Delaware: Notebook diagram)
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Image:FTC7413_131026_csm-5.jpg|Electronics panel
Image:FTC7413_131026_csm-5.jpg|Electronics panel
Image:FTC7314_notebook_20131026_1.jpg|Electronics panel, flag device, IR sensors
Image:FTC7314_notebook_20131026_2.jpg|Flag crank configuration

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Testing the shovel

Worked on the shovel and prepared for Duel on the Delaware.

19-October - Duel on the Delaware



A productive day. We:

  • Cut, bent and otherwise fabricated and installed the robot's electronics panels...
  • ...and rationally installed many of the key electronic components (NXT & Motor Controllers)
  • Replaced the 4:1 worm gear with 20:1
  • Started mounting IR Seeker sensors
  • Built the lower part of the flag pole
  • Installed the flag lift
  • Scoped out where the limit switches ought to be mounted
  • Worked on autonomous coding


A short crew for this meeting (CJ & Clem). In spite of this, we got a lot of work completed:

  • Finished and tested the Flag Lift. Finishing included cutting the crank arms shorter and installing hard, slippery PTFE-impregnated Acetal (polyoxymethylene) contact plates on the teterix beam surfaces restraining the crack blades.
  • The arm motor was changed (old one dead) and tested.
  • The power switch and battery were logically (but perhaps not optimally) mounted.
  • The NXT was shifted to move it away from the frame perimeter for safety.
  • The battery, switch and motor controllers were wired. Wired were dressed using wire ties.