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FTC 14842 SPYGEARS was formed as Downingtown Area Robotics' 3rd FTC team in response to demand.

Rover Ruckus Photo Gallery




Tools & Resources

Common FTC Mechanisms & Manipulators - created by "FRC 294 Beach Cities Robotics"
Manipulator Design - created by "AndyMark
Designing for FTC with Tetrix Hints and Tips (2012) - created by "FTC 0001 Team Unlimited
Drivetrain mathematical model - adapted to FTC - Clem McKown
FTC Motor & Servo Specifications - Clem McKown
Tetrix for FTC (with Webinars for LabVIEW FTC programming)
FTC Resources from National Instruments (LabVIEW)
Tetrix files in SOLIDWORKS format - 1
Tetrix files in SOLIDWORKS format - 2
Tetrix files in SOLIDWORKS format - 3
IR Seeker Programming

Engineering Notebooks