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Ball Intakes

Devices that bring game pieces into the robot. May include lifting.</collapsmi>

See also:

Ball Possessors

Devices that possess game pieces without bringing them into the robot.

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Roller Claws

Claws with roller(s) to acquire game pieces of many shapes. May include scoring via shooting.

See also:

Other Claws

Alpha - outside (manual)
Beta - inside (motor)
See also:


Game Piece Lifts

Moving (and storing) game pieces within the robot primarily single-file. May include intakes.

See also:


Storing and moving game pieces within the robot with several pieces on the same 'tier' (not single-file). May include intakes.

Alpha - sorting test
Alpha - spiral
See also:


Single and multi-joint rotary arms, may include hurdling (e.g. catapulting)

Double joint (genius!)
Single joint
See also:

Mechanism Elevators

Vertical lifts for robot mechanisms (e.g. claws, rather than game pieces themselves). Single and double [bar] and box refer to the cross-section shape. May include claws.

Beta - double nested
Alpha with control - double nested
See also:



Devices that launch carried game pieces, likely one at a time.

Beta - adjustable (explanation)
Beta - mobile hurdling
See also:


Devices that release (with a lower horizontal velocity than shooters) carried game pieces.

Alpha - multiple
Alpha - single file vertical
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Single-contact (non-through action) momentum transfers. May include possessors.

See also:


Drivetrains, particularly for negotiating obstacles. May include assistive mechanisms (wedges, articulators, bridge manipulators).

Slanted Bump Crossing - multiple
90deg Barrier Crossing - skid arm
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