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DB17 Hatboro-Horsham 20220304-8.jpg

Past Robots

DEWBOT XVI 2020 - Infinite Recharge & COVID-19 Interregnum

  • FMA Hatboro-Horsham Event - Semi-Finalist
  • FMA Springside Chestnut Hill (Virtual) - District Chairman's Award
  • Duel on the Delaware (2021) - 2nd seed & CHAMPION
  • Ramp Riot (2021) - 2nd seed & CHAMPION

DEWBOT XV 2019 - Destination: DEEP SPACE


2019 Chairman's Video - 2019 Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT XIV 2018 - FIRST Power Up

DEWBOT XIV during MAR Championship Semifinals

2018 Chairman's Video - FIRST Updates Now - IRI Application Video - 2018 Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT XIII 2017 - FIRST SteamWorks

DEWBOT XIII during Archimedes Eliminations
IRI Application Video - Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT XII 2016 - Stronghold

DEWBOT XII crossing the CDF at Havoc
Miracle Workerz 365's Best Autonomous Moeward
Normality Zero 2559's Battle Cry Award
Team Hammond 71's Finest Knight Award
Season Wrap-up Video - 2016 Season Parody Video

DEWBOT XI 2015 - Recycle RushSM

DEWBOT XI scoring a 42 point stack at Hatboro-Horsham
Hatters Robotics 708's Creativity Award
Iron Devils 1647's Congratulations on being a roll model for 5666 Combustible Lemons 5113's Gracious Professionalism Award
Combustible Lemons 5113's FRC Team Inspiration Award
ROBOTZ Garage 4451's Most Classy Chassis Award
Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT X 2014 - Aerial AssistSM

DEWBOT X on Einstein after Finals
Storm Robotics 2729's Eye of the Hurricane Award

Reveal Video - Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT IX 2013 - Ultimate AscentSM

Cyber Storm 3151's Gracious Professionalism & Outstanding Sportsmanship Award
Rolling Thunder 1511's Best Climber Award Ice3 1305's Captain Ice3 FIRST Galaxy Award

Build Week 1 - Ocelot Drive - Newton Climb - Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT VIII 2012 - Rebound Rumble

DEWBOT VIII crossing the barrier at IRI


DEWBOT VIII won four 3-on-3 basketball competitions by routinely crossing the mid-field steel barrier to play defense and feed balls forward. It scored bonus points by balancing on a see-saw with one or two other robots at the end of each match.

MAR Championship Video

DEWBOT VII 2011 - Logomotion

Hanging a red triangle at Philadelphia
Cougar Tech 2228's Most Creative Robot Award
Miracle Workerz 365's Gracious Professionalism Moeward T.U.F.F Team 203's Gracious Professionalism Award Miss Daisy 341's Coolest Robot Award


DEWBOT VII won two 3-on-3 extreme tic-tac-toe-like tournaments, primarily racing its speedy "minibot" up a pole for bonus points at the end of each match. The robot could also play defense and score a few inner tubes on the tic-tac-toe grid every match, making the triangle-circle-square FIRST logo.

Archimedes Qual video

DEWBOT VI 2010 - Breakaway

DEWBOT VI crossing the bump at IRI ( Rizzo watching)


DEWBOT IV won multiple engineering awards for its innovative swerve drivetrain's performance in 3-on-3 soccer. It could hold onto a ball while in a dead spin, cross midfield "bumps", navigate through a short tunnel, and kick goals from across the field.

DEWBOT V 2009 - Lunacy

Drive Team & DEWBOT V at Chesapeake


DEWBOT V won the team's first tournament and official award by using a uniquely maneuverable "7-wheel drive" to skate around a slippery field and shoot hollow balls into opponents' trailers, while keeping its own trailer safe from attack.

DEWBOT IV 2008 - Overdrive

Carly driving with DEWBOT IV in possession of trackball


DEWBOT IV made it to its first finals match ever on a rear-wheel drive, 80/20 fork lift-catapult. We zipped around the field NASCAR-style while hurtling huge yoga balls over a set of monkey bars. Our more gentle fork lift setting was used to place them back on the bars at the end of each match for bonus points.

DEWBOT III 2007 - Rack 'n Roll

DEWBOT III hangs a Ringer at Drexel (as Rizzo watches)


DEWBOT III got the team its first turns as alliance captains by snagging innertubes off the ground to play raucous tournaments of extreme cylindrical Connect-4. We spent the matches hanging tubes and blocking opponents and then finished off by driving on top of our allies' ramps for bonus points.

Season Wrap-up Video

DEWBOT II 2006 - Aim High

DEWBOT II just prior to shipping


DEWBOT II got us to our second consecutive Ramp Riot elimination bracket by racing around the field, grabbing dodgeballs and "ski jumping" them onto a pitching wheel shooter to score in high wall-mounted goals.

DEWBOT I 2005 - Triple Play

DEWBOT I at Ramp Riot
  • Chesapeake Regional
  • Ramp Riot (quarterfinalists)


Our rookie robot, DEWBOT I, was a competent scorer, excluding the high central goal (which it could not reach). A challenging robot to steer, but it drove straight like nobody's business.

  • 4WD Tank
  • (4) 8" Kitbot wheels
  • Single-pivot, winch/block & tackle-driven arm
  • Pneumatic double extending arm
  • 2nd arm to knock down tetris during autonomous
Ramp Riot match video

Off-Season Projects

We first because a year-round team in 2008, and we don't limit developing new robots to the annual FRC game! Check out some of the many other projects we've done in our off-season hours.

2012 Touchdown Tango

In our first student-only project since something like DEWBOT IV, 1640's students split into two teams and conceptualized and prototyped robots. They endeavored to play our first full-fledged fake FRC game: Touchdown Tango!

2011 Design Classes

Teaching & learning design

In the summer of 2011, we started our first real design classes. Though we didn't have one major robot project, students had a blast with weekly games like our Tower Challenge and "Tennis Ball Tumble".

2010 - The Road to IRI

New DEWBOT VI spins its stuff

Though the summer of 2010 was still all about DEWBOT VI, we made several improvements on the road to our first all-star Indiana Robotics Invitational.

2009 Pivot Drive Development

Our first swerve

Building on our 2008 Drivetrain Development, during the summer of 2009 we managed our first true swerve drive (independently steered wheels). This VEX prototype gave us the experience to try our first FRC Pivot Drive on DEWBOT VI.

2008 Drivetrain Development

After DEWBOT IV, we decided that post-season 2008 would be the era of drivetrain development. With our work cut out for us, we managed 4 different drive VEX prototypes/CAD projects:

  • 6 Wheel Drive - VEX and CAD
  • Mecanum (holonomic) - CAD with VEX omniwheel analogs
  • Twitch, our first biaxial drive - CAD (pneumatic actuation) and VEX (rack and pinion)
  • Hypothetical FRC Chassis, our first pre-thought out FRC drivetrain (not that we did or could have used it in the real DEWBOT V) - CAD