SRX-MATE interface board

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SRX-MATE mounted on a Talon SRX for testing
Single board accesses all features of the Talon SRX.
  • Screws onto Talon using existing cover screws
  • Surface mount design, no insulator required
  • Integrated heat-sink plane on board to help Talon heat dissipation
  • All connectors are shrouded to eliminate shorting and damage

Analog Interface:

  • 5V Powered sensors only
  • 5V or 3.3V Sensor input, solder jumper selectable (5V Default)
  • Op-Amp buffered analog input

Encoder Input:

  • 5V powered encoders only
  • Supports Quadrature A,B & Index
  • Pull-ups on all encoder inputs

Limit Switches:

  • Switch inputs for Forward & Reverse
  • Status LEDs on both LS inputs

CAN Connector:

  • Terminal block to daisy-chain two CAN devices