STEAMworks Meeting - 19-Jan-2017

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CAD & Design

No students present for the meeting. Bumper CAD was edited, tachometer was designed, as well as a mount for it. - Mr. Andrew Weissman


Mechanical team continued perfecting prototypes. Sam, Braden, Connor, Cameron, and Will continued working on the shooter. We created an end piece for the shooter that allowed us to change the angle of the shooter with relatively little work. It is a little flap at the back that can slide to give the ball more or less angle. After we put it on, we noticed that when we brought the flap down too much, the ball was changing direction so much that it was hitting the flap instead of guiding off of it, losing a lot of it’s momentum. We experimented with the flap, trying to figure out exactly how far we could bring it down without the ball losing too much momentum.


-We continued work on the raspberry pi. We will need to look into FFMPEG or Libav in order to access the camera from the pi.

~Laura Dodds


Field Elements