STEAMworks Meeting - 23-Jan-2017

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CAD & Design

CAM LEAD: Patrick The tachometer mount had underwent modifications to fit in the CVT Pivot modules better.


Today we continued to work on previous projects, except we had a new idea for a ball holder. Mr. Dodds saw a video of a paintball ammo holder. The holder was conic and there was a one ball hole to where it would be shot. We created a similar product out of a tote and a 5 gallon bucket. We cut the bucket so that we could have a shorter bucket, and cut a bucket shaped hole in the tote. We then attacked the bucket to the tote. We cut a ball shaped cole in the bucket, and put a piece of wood so the ball would be forced out the hole, and we cut a hole for an axle. We put some cardboard on so that the balls would slide down the slope and into the bucket where there would be a axle that would spin and push the balls out of the bucket and into the shooter. Once we finally had completed the prototype, we found that the zipties that we used to push around the balls were not strong enough. They were just bending around the balls and not pushing them out at the speed we want. Furthermore, the entire tote is the wrong dimension, since the width is just long enough for 3 balls to go at the same time and get stuck, clogging the entire mechanism. We tried to fix the problem of the zipties by using long screws. That was not effective, since the screws would get stuck inside the holes in the balls, spinning then around and not letting them go out the hole. Overall, the prototype we built today was entirely ineffective in our robot, and we will have to find another way.



Field Elements