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Safety is the #1 though in everything we do. Every time we cut, drill, file, shape, weld, sand, paint, and assemble any part of the robot we do it safely. We strive to have a safey culture.

Every time we move materials, parts, field elements and the robot we do it safely.

Our middle school students are taught how to use hand tools like saws, metal shears and files before they are allowed to use them.

Every student is trained how to use each power tool in the shop safely before they are allowed to use any power tool.

Every student is taught shop safety, the location of the master power off and all fire extinguishers.

We wear safety glasses at all times using power tools and hand tools.

We don't have a stand alone Safety Team, each team has safety embedded in it.

We have a Safety Captain to monitor all of our activities and immediately stop any unsafe activity. A Mentor is assigned to the Safety Captain to help when needed.