Special Steering Committee for Leaving DRC 2011-3-11

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Space – Final Frontier Meeting

What We Know

Building sold
We knew this would happen sometime
District has been very good to us about the space we've had!!
District covered building, power and heat - not a small contribution
Need to move out weekend of 14-May
Lee Snodgrass (facilities manager) leaving end of March.
Scott Millward will be taking over for him and will be our building contact until we move out.
Meeting Larry (superintendent) & George (STEM headmaster) March 21 (Clem/Foster)
We’re a low priority – especially come September (new school, contracts, etc)


Plan A
Get good digs for FRC+VEX+FLL
Space that is equal to what we used in 2010-2011
Space for FLL (VEX and FLL would run on different nights)
Key bonuses for the existing space is the ability to have playing fields available all the time.
We would be able to keep our existing level of roboteer participation
Plan B
Contract operations
Decline in the number of roboteers
Closer quarters for build sessions
Leave FLL at Lionville Elementary
Plan C
Split programs into different locations
Leave FLL at Lionville Elementary
FRC to find "well lit warehouse space"
VEX to find office space
This is not a good situation, breaks the natural growth path VEX -> FRC
Plan D - Hibernate
Build space like the 2008 stable
Would be able to do 2011 off season events with light repairs to the robot
Unable to do a 2012 build season
No summer program
Depending on public space smaller fall season
Moving VEX for Weekly sessions is "easy" but there is a lot so it's multiple cars to load, transport, unload, repeat every night.

Space Requirements

current 17,000 sqft - we don't use all the space, just what's outlined below
Plan A
FRC: 4,000 sqft current, 20ft ceiling
VEX: 2,500 sqft
Well-lit (office) 2,000 sqft
Warehouse (practice field): 300 sqft
Storage: 100 sqft (48 linear feet of shelving)
FLL: 300 sqft office
Storage: 30 sqft (15 linear feet of shelving)
24-7 Access
During the FRC season teams meet 7 days a week
Weeks before competitions VEX meets 4 nights
FLL meets 2-3 nights before competions.
Saturday/Sunday access was heavily used.
(Foster to calc hours from 2011 sign in sheets)
Power 110 15/20 AMP, 3φ (110,208) 20 AMP
Heated warehouse or manufacturing space
Can bring own lighting
Running water
Kitchens are nice
Plan B
VEX: 1800 sqft (8-9 teams, 3 nights)
(10) 110 outlets (battery chargers, computers)
FRC: 2000-2500ft2, 12ft ceiling
(12) Power 110 15/20 AMP, 3φ (110,208) 20 AMP
FLL: Lionville Elementary
24-7 Access
Plan C1 - Split off FRC to own space
FRC: 2000-2500ft2, 12ft ceiling
(12) Power 110 15/20 AMP, 3φ (110,208) 20 AMP
FLL: Lionville Elementary
24-7 Access
Plan C2 - Split off VEX to own space
VEX: 1800 sqft (8-9 teams, 3 nights)
(10) 110 outlets (battery chargers, computers)
Shared power tools of a bench grinder, Plastic sheet bender and bandsaw need to be worked out
Space would need to allow for smaller tools
Mini bench grinder
Small 9" band saw for plastic/light metal
24-7 Access
Plan C2 - FLL
Lionville Elementary
Current DARC plan
24-7 Access
Plan D - Storage only, pull things out to work on at a second location
FRC: 300ft2, (2) 2 car garages (with access)
Temporary office space for CAD, Programming, Media
Flat parking lots are nice
VEX: 10x10’ storage unit (with 7*24 access)
This is the minimal packed structure for weekly access to parts min is 200 sq ft (20*10) to give access to shelving and robots)
Access needs to be climate controlled (electronics/motors)


Go to Sponsors – EVERYONE
Go to DCCC (Will works there, 2 VEX mentors are students at DCCC ) – Clem
Go to Hankin Group – Scott
Go to Industrial Real Estate Agent as advocate
Go to CCIU (including CAT Pickering & Brandywine)
Go to old Embreeville State Hospital (Jon Davis)
Go to Christian college by CAT Pickering—rehab building (Scott?)
Look at rehab buildings
Look at other school districts: West Chester, Coatesville, Great Valley, IU
Look at DARC (issue: storage)
Look at other programs
Find out who’s buying the building - can we get an move extension
Less than two weeks after FRC World Championships
Finish 501c3 designation (post tax-season)
Figure out when/how to work with the Media to get broader exposuere
Figure out requirements for Plans A-D
Space (see above)
Geography: Coatesville to Great Valley to West Chester to Guthriesville
Minimum guaranteed time (to June 30, 2012)
Develop storage plan for post-14 May
Need out of the box thinking
Can robot and key parts stay safely in the trailer?
Email blast to STEM teachers – Clem
Email blast to FRC - (Clem?)
Email blast to VEX - (Bob W/Foster)
Need to check insurance (do we need property insurance?)
Work on personal storage space (all of us)
Key dates
Need to get Steering Team together on an as needed basis
next DASD School Board meeting is 13 April
We will hear exact dates of sale.

Move Prep - NOW

(as of 12 March, 62 days to move)

Need to fit this into everyones schedule, DAR is in full competition mode but we MUST be ready to move

Machinery on skids
Ben to design skids, need to obtain steel and assemble
Need a fork truck (talk to DASD)
One day to lift mill and lathes onto skids for mounting
One day to lift equipment onto trucks to move to new location?
Look at storing mill (2500lb) and lathe (3000lb) – Scott in Coatesville
Reduce to go mobile: cannibalized computers, toy cars
Get critical on the storage area
Oil & cover machines