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The Downingtown Robotics Teams are funded by a wide variety of sponsors, public donations and support. If you would like to be a sponsor please contact frc1640@gmail.com.

Thank you very much for your support!

FIRST Robotics Competition Sponsors 2011


DASDLogo.gif Downingtown Area School District

ASMELogo.jpg American Society of Mechanical Engineers

McKown Family

Paul Sabatino

Sponsor STEMRobotics.gif STEMRobotics

W001b.jpg Wamac

Applebeeslogo.gif Applebee's

Arkema logo.gif Arkema Inc.

Parathermlogo.jpg Paratherm

VEX Robot Competition Sponsors

Sponsor Kaloke.gif Kaloke Technologies

Sponsor STEMRobotics.gifSTEMRobotics.org

TechE logo.jpgTechentourage

How You Can Help

How you can help as part of our sponsor family:

  • Offer monetary and/or in-kind donations (see Donation Requests below)
  • Involve employees as mentors and/or volunteers
  • Provide equipment and/or facilities
  • Offer scholarships
  • Provide internships
  • Enjoy recognition and hospitality benefits (see Sponsor Recognition below)

Donations are

In-Kind Donation Requests

If you'd like to help sponsor Downingtown Area Robotics, please consider supporting us with any of these in-kind donations.

  • Laptops for programming, CAD, animation and/or graphic design. Some of our prospective students don't have access to laptops, making it very difficult for them to participate in these great opportunities.
  • Internet hotspot for our new location.
  • Work benches/tables (for working on FRC robots)
  • Painting services or vinyl wrapper printing for one or more sides of our 6'x10' trailer. The FRC team drives this trailer to all of our competitions every year, from Hartford to Indianapolis. We're happy design this cooperatively--your logo is more than welcome!
  • Various printing jobs: brochures, business cards, posters, and/or forms. We never have a shortage of paperwork, so whatever you'd like to offer is much appreciated.
  • Team accounting software like QuickBooks Pro, etc.
  • 8' or shorter stock pieces of of 1/16"-1.5" polycarbonate, 1/16"-1/4" 6061 aluminum, 2x4" (wood), or plywood
  • Carbon fiber stock (sheets, bars, etc)
  • If you have something else you think could benefit the team, please email dewbotrobot at yahoo dot com.

Downingtown Area Robotics recognizes our sponsors in many ways. (Advertising space and location is based on sponsorship level.)

On Our Trailer
We bring our 8'x10' robot trailer with us to all our events and competitions. These include a dozen local events every year: from Uwchlan and Upper Uwchlan Community Days to Downingtown Good Neighbor Day and numerous school demonstrations. We also drive the trailer to numerous regional and national competitions every year. We've been from Rochester, NY to Annapolis, MD to Indianapolis, IN.
On Our Banners
Our banners are displayed for thousands of people at all of our local, regional and national competitions and at every community event, including community days and school functions. They're also displayed in our own workshop throughout the year and at open houses.
On Our Handouts
We give out hundreds of brochures to local, regional and national citizens and STEM professionals at all of our competitions and demonstrations.
On Our T-Shirts
Our teams where their t-shirts to every team event, from numerous local community demonstrations to international competitions.
On Our FRC Robots
Our robots travel to dozens of events every year and is shown and driven in front of thousands of local, regional and national citizens and STEM professionals. We also sell premium bumper advertising for our community demonstrations.

Sponsors from prior years

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Sponsors 2009
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Sponsors 2005