Steering Committee 2009-06-26

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Minutes for Steering Committee Meeting 26 June 2009 Attendance: Scott, Jon, Faith, Clem, Siri, Foster, Carly, Paul - 6:30 PM Start

  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 29 May 2009
    1. Approved, no changes
  2. Finance Report
    1. Checking and Savings account reviewed
    2. Have not received some commitment checks
    3. DVIRC - Grant details submitted, Faith to follow up
    4. Hershey - Faith to follow up
    5. Hankin may be a good sponsor - Scott to follow up
    6. Brandywine Hospital - Jon to follow up
    7. Foster will post the handout
  3. Review of June Activities
    1. Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale -- Last Lunacy
      1. We did very well, placed third and had a good rookie turnout
    2. VEX Event - Canceled due to the lack of additional teams
  4. Review of space planning
    1. School did commit to giving us the second bay. We will ask about building the wall
    2. Need to order the gate - Clem will get bids, Foster will work on finances.
  5. Discussion of team structure
    1. Discussion took place, see Team Structure
  6. Website update
    1. Release forms
      1. In the tracking database
      2. Need to make sure that we have signed release forms
      3. Parents need to make sure that their roboteer knows they can't be in the picture
    2. Names on pictures (First Last, First only, First Last Initial)
      1. Roboteer First Name only, First Last for mentors
    3. Status / Plan
      1. Foster will contact Mike to get access to do the two highest items
  7. Plan for July garage cleanout
    1. Still on for July 18
    2. We will store metal in our area
    3. Move the lathe using a "lawn trailer"
    4. We will store the robots in the trailer until the wall done
  8. Pool Party Update
    1. Need to get people to RSVP - Faith to send a reminder
  9. Community Event Update
    1. Downingtown - 4 July - need to be in there by 7:30 AM
    2. Uwchland - 11 July - need to be in by 11AM
    3. Upper Uwchland - 18 July
  10. Summer schedule review
    1. Started
      1. Mission 1 - book learning about arms and gripper
      2. Mission 2 - build a 1/2 scale VEX chassis of a corner steer robot with tank, crab, snake drive cabpability. Clem to contact Steve to see if he can help with the programming.
      3. Programming mission - vision system - Paul K and Frank
    2. Next Meeting we will do exact scheduling of what nights are what missions.
  11. Fall schedule planning
    1. In progress
  12. Nominate/Vote for team secretary
    1. Need to write up a job description - Foster
  13. Add a copy of AutoDesk Inventors and 3DMAX to the club computer
    1. Not a problem, we have the licenses

Closed at 8:31PM