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== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
Next meeting is 20 November (Friday)
Next meeting is 20 November (Friday)
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Minutes for October 2010 Meeting

  1. Review of September Minutes
    1. Approved
  2. Finance Report
    1. Awaiting fund from the school
    2. We will have < $5000 at the start of build season for FRC
    3. Need to order cRio, etc.
    4. Clem is putting together a pre-build parts list so we have a stock of parts
    5. Scott / Foster should look at the electrical
  3. Fund Raising
    1. We should look for a teacher to help with muffins at West
    2. Clem to follow up with Bently on the VEX display and the documents
    3. [WAMAC industries] in West Chester is willing to do machining for us
    4. Pancake Breakfast at Applebees in Exton - Sunday 6 December - 8AM seating and 9AM seating
      1. Need servers (+14 years old to serve)
      2. 300 ticket $7 adults $5 under 11 (we pay $1.50 per person)
  4. FRC Regional competition registration
    1. We are registered and paid for two event
      1. Finger Lakes Regional - Week 1 - 4-6 Mar 2010
      2. Philadelphia Regional - Week 4 - 25-27 Mar 2010
  5. Recruiting Progress
    1. FRC
      1. Doing well, 27 roboteers at this point
      2. Training underway
      3. Issues around CAD/Inventor
      4. Driver training to happen after Ramp Riot
    2. VEX
      1. Trend is 50-55 roboteers, last week was 38 due to Phillies / illness
      2. Second week of build season, teams are starting to work together
      3. Team is doing a demo for the Girl Scouts
    3. FLL
      1. Building Phase - two team - 14 roboteers
      2. Starting work on the project
      3. Teams are registered
        1. Scrimmage in Lansdale
        2. Jan 9, 2010 is first full competition
      4. Looking at picking up a second night to help with the build
  6. New Space & Mill Move
    1. We are waiting on the gate install
      1. We need to get boxes and BX cable for the outlets on the new wall, we can install the boxes now and wire them later
    2. Shelving units are here for the Vex robots
  7. Report on FRC Pivot Robot
    1. Status
      1. Using mini-Pivot (VEX) to practice programming
      2. We have programming, CAD teams. Need to start a chassis team
      3. Design is at Version 6 - we have lots of good inputs
      4. We will get Wamac to build us one wheel set to see the design
      5. Post design plans on Chief Delphi for comment
    2. Future goals
      1. Build sample wheel
      2. Decide if we want to build a full frame with four wheels
    3. Request for funds
  8. Outreach Efforts
    1. FRC demo on 4 November at Downingtown East
      1. We need a robot that will work to demo - work on this weekend and Tuesday night
    2. Girl Scouts at Ramp Riot
    3. We have the two robots for Bently
    4. Reports
    5. Plans & Upcoming Events
      1. December 6 - Abington
      2. Plan for March 13 VEX event -- need student coordinator
    6. Discussion about going to the Vex Event in Wesminster MD
      1. There is a benefit to going as a travel event
      2. Need to ask the VEX parents
        1. Pre-pay
        2. Sign up parents to help
        3. Hotel is non-refundable
        4. Need to have parents to understand that we want them to help in March
      3. Need to be set up to ask permission at the December School board meeting
        1. We will discuss this again in December Steering meeting

Next Meeting

Next meeting is 20 November (Friday)