Steering Committee 2009-11-20

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Attendance: Clem, Faith, Jon, Gary, Foster

  1. Review of October Minutes
    1. No changes
  2. Finance Report
    1. ~$2000 in account, waiting for DASD checks
  3. Fund Raising
    1. Pancake Breakfast at Applebees in Exton - Sunday 6 December - 8AM seating and 9AM seating
      1. Need servers (+14 years old to serve)
      2. 300 ticket $7 adults $5 under 11 (we pay $1.50 per person)
      3. Tickets are out, Rita is still looking for people to sell tickets
    2. Foster put a request for sponsors in the last Vex newsletter
  4. FRC Regional competition registration
    1. We are registered and paid for two events
      1. Finger Lakes Regional - Week 1 - 4-6 Mar 2010
        1. We will start looking for Hotels in the next 30 days
      2. Philadelphia Regional - Week 4 - 25-27 Mar 2010
  5. Recruiting Progress
    1. FRC
      1. Roboteer population 29, mentors=14
    2. VEX
      1. Roboteer population 42-48, mentors=6
    3. FLL
  6. New Space & Mill Move
    1. We are waiting on the gate install and the wall to be completed. Faith to talk to Greg on Tuesday
      1. We need to get boxes and BX cable for the outlets on the new wall, we can install the boxes now and wire them later
    2. Shelving units are here for the Vex robots
    3. Clem will design shelves to stack the robot
    4. We need to do a housekeeping / inventory when we move into the second bay
    5. We can move the 2009 spares into the common inventory.
    6. Impact of STEM Academy
      1. STEM Academy wants to renovate the space. We will need to vacate the current space by June 2010
      2. We will open discussions with STEM Academy on where we will go and what our space will look like in 2011.
      3. We should offer to buy the power tools to reload the shop in 2011.
      4. We need to start working on Plan B in the event that DASD can not find space. This may need to require us to get additional funding
        1. Outreach to DCC or West Chester University
        2. Commercial space
        3. Opera house? Would work for competitions, shops for build, large stage area for construction
        4. Look at Venture Club via the Boy Scouts
  7. Report on FRC Pivot Robot
    1. Status
      1. Programming doing well, there is a good white paper out there
      2. Because we used VEX there will be PID tuning to make the movement smooth
    2. Future goals
      1. Want to build one full pivot assembly ~$300
    3. Request for funds
      1. BOM done, Clem to start to order parts
      2. We will order a twist joystick for samples
  8. Outreach Efforts
    1. FRC demo on 4 November at Downingtown East
      1. Carly ran the event there were some interest from the teacher
    2. Girl Scouts at Ramp Riot
      1. Went well, we had 45 Scouts and 6 roboteers and four adults from the team. We did some polling of the last two groups, they said we were the best demos.
    3. We have the two robots for Bently - where do they go? How long will they be there?
    4. Plans & Upcoming Events
      1. December 6 - Abington
      2. Plan for March 13 VEX event -- need student coordinator
    5. Discussion about going to the Vex Event in Wesminster MD
      1. There is a benefit to going as a travel event
      2. VEX parents polled, as of the 20th only 3 roboteers showed interest
      3. Need to be set up to ask permission at the December School board meeting
        1. We will discuss this again in December Steering meeting

Next Meeting

Next meeting is 18 December (Friday)

Steering Committee