Steering Committee 2009-12-18

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December 18 Meeting


  • Clem McKown
  • Foster Schucker
  • Paul Sabatino
  • Gary Deaver
  • Faith McKown
  • Jon Davis
  • Carly McKown
  • Dave Moyer
  1. November minutes review
    1. Approved with no changes
  2. Finances
    1. We have build money! We got checks from the school district
  3. Fund raising
    1. Pancake Breakfast
      1. Well attended, between the food and the raffles we cleared $1200. Applebee's donated all of the food.
    2. Sponsorship
      1. We need to hit sponsors at the end of the year (some companies have available money at the end of the year)
      2. Action item: Write to Federal government about STEM money
  4. Space
    1. We need to have 5,000 square feet.
      1. We need to have seperate space to split the VEX / FRC (power tools)
        1. FRC is 4,000 sq ft
        2. VEX use 1,000 sq ft for build
          1. We could move the event to any one of the cafeterias in the school district
      2. We need to contact CCIU about obtaining the tools / tables.
    2. School update - Faith
      1. Faith has been asked to join a team to look at dual enrollment places
      2. CCIU and DASD is working on a Parent Association for DEEP students
      3. We need to talk at the STEM Core meeting
    3. WCU and DCC update - Foster
    4. Opera House update - Jon
      1. Still an action item
    5. Caln Roller Rink - Jon
      1. The property is available but very expensive. 24,000sq ft. $16,000 a month.
    6. Update from STEM Academy meeting of 1 December - Clem, Foster
      1. We talked to Rich and Lee about what is a possiblity
      2. Faith got an e-mail from the Act48 committee talking about futures
        1. There will be a national test
  5. Swivel bot prototype update
    1. Parts have been ordered
      1. Approval to order three more of the Banesbot transmissions
    2. Scott has drawings and the CAD files for the fab shop to build the first swivel setup
      1. Welding template was created
  6. FRC Hotel information - Rochester
    1. Now becoming a critical issue
  7. VEX event - PSU Abington
    1. There were 23 team, we did pretty well.
    2. We sold a case of Nanobots as part of our fundraising
  8. VEX travel trip to Westminster MD
  9. Build season planning
    1. Second cRio purchase approved
    2. Order the Power distribution now
    3. Order the materials for the composite construction - Gary
    4. Drill bits
    5. Hole saw
    6. Tap set
    7. Two Dremels - Amazon
    8. Drill battery
    9. Tee shirts - flag
      1. Carly will approach the graphics arts teacher at Downingtown
      2. We will get Andrew W to approach CAT Pickering
    10. Tracking system
      1. Ken, DJ and Ben are working on a tracking system
  10. There is an interest in having a private section to the website
    1. We will get another domain to make this a little easier - Paul to order this

Next Meeting

With build season starting in January, there will not be any formal / separate Steering Committee meetings until April. We would normally meet on the last Friday in March, but the Philadelphia Regional is that day. Next meeting will then be on April 30, 2010, 6:15 PM.