Steering Committee 2010-07-30

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  • Girl Power Competition
  • Fund Raising
  • Programming


Foster Schucker
Rita Wall
Gary Deaver
Scott Featherman
Robert Whalen
Siri Maley
Faith McKown
Clem McKown

Girl Power

We will not have adequate girl students available to compete in Girl power.
In addition, Girl Power conflicts with our commitment to the Franklin Institute Demonstration.
We will not participate in Girl Power.

Fund Raising

Arkema has donated $2,000 (plus $1,000 to FLL).
A Presentation will be made to FIATECH during their annual meeting on 5-Oct at the Sofitel, Philadelphia.
We've got a Franklin Institute demonstration on 9-Oct.
What do we offer to sponsors?
  • Space on Trailer
  • Page in Sponsor Book
  • Space on Robot
  • Space on Competition Banner
  • Name in Team Name
  • Space on T-Shirt
  • Space in Robot Handouts at community events, demonstrations & competitions
Would we change our Team name (from Sab-BOT-age) for a major sponsor? Not a popular option. A sponsor would need to commit to covering a large portion of team expenses for a long term (maybe 3 years).
Iwona made faces at the 1640 screwdriver logo (too complicated - difficult to identify - light lines - breaks a lot of logo rules). VexMen logo is better.
Best Buy meeting needs to be rescheduled. They are getting cold feet about an event. This really needs an empty store nearby to succeed.
Students will need to bear some of the financial load. This will need to be made clear from the start. The student's obligation can be met by:
  • Direct payment
  • securing or assisting in securing sponsorship
  • Participation in fundraisers
  • Post-Cards asking for donations from family members was suggested (good idea)
We need to get in to High and Middle school open houses (when? 7-Oct at DEHS).
Parents & Students meeting needs to be held as soon as practical after recruiting and Clem's return (19-Sept) as practical. Focus of the meeting needs to be financial. Need to also make it clear that the school district provides space (with $$ value), but does not cover our operating expenses (which are $$).
We need to execute more formal expense tracking (like QuickBooks).


After Finance, programming is the most critical challenge the team faces. Our star programmer has graduated. We've got good students coming up, but the programming mentor position remains a problem.
Julie had an IT background and will see that version control is enforced.
A Process Control Engineer (such as Ed Melo, Arkema retired) would be useful.
Stay with LabVIEW? Depends on Mentor. Switch to Java if Foster takes this role.