Steering Committee 2010-08-19

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  1. Review of previous meeting's minutes
    1. No changes
  2. Financial report will be deferred due to Faith's absence
  3. Fundraising
    1. Clem reported on the companies he's working on.
    2. We have a demo on the 5th of October that we need to look good at
    3. Siri and Clem are working on the details of student goals
    4. Gary has gotten "wait until the end of the year" responses, but lots of people he's talked to are WCASD.
    5. Cat is working on a list of grant possiblities
    6. There is a page to track sponsors Fundraising Coordination Page
    7. Applebee's breakfast is scheduled for 23 Oct.
  4. Key objectives for next month
    1. FRC - Hardware/Software - Get IR sensors positioned and working
    2. FRC - Software - Autonomous working
    3. FRC - Software - Get rid XBox complexity
    4. FRC - Mirror - needs to get remounted
    5. FRC - Battery box
    6. FRC - Tread kit for Duel and Ramp Riot (need to meet on Thurday 14 Oct to install treads for Duel)
    7. FRC - Build Extended cRio panel installed
    8. FRC - Fix tunnel height
    9. VEX to get organized and ready for the start of the season
    10. Final space for new building
    11. DMS/LMS 21 Sept 6th - 7/8 23 Sept
    12. 5 Oct West Demo - (this is a confict with a sponsor demo, need to coordiate)
    13. 7 Oct East Demo
    14. October 13th is the first Wednesday after - parents meeting
  5. Processes
    1. Siri and Clem have been working on a start up process
      1. Reading of the game rules then brainstorm on what we are going to do
      2. First week is scope / requirments then design
      3. Much discussion about plans for next year
    2. Nov 7th (Sunday) 1PM-4PM
  6. Move
    1. Foster will meet with Lee on Friday
  7. Fall schedule
    1. See the calendar

Bob, Julie, Rita, Gary, Jon, Scott, Rizzo, Siri, Clem, Foster were in attendance. Next meeting 24 September. 6:15