Steering Committee 2010-10-29

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  1. Minutes from prior meeting
    1. Approved
  2. Financial Reports
    1. FRC
      1. Donations from Paul S, Downingtown Foundation, ASME, Arkema (still need about $13K)
    2. VEX
      1. Sponsorship from QVC IT and QVC for the fall event. (sill need about 9K)
    3. FLL
      1. Donations from Arkema, registered 3 teams for November 6 for January (set for 2010, need reserves)
      2. Five laptops were donated
      3. Big box of parts were donated
  3. Fund raisers
    1. Car Wash - very good
    2. Flapjack Fund raiser - successful about $300 more than last year
    3. Raffles - we will do this at the other events
    4. Moe Fund Raiser - Clem and Faith went to the Wine Tasting event
      1. Silent auction of donated baskets, trip and 10% of the wine proceeds.
    5. Grant Status
      1. Boeing - submitted, and a letter went out from our Boeing contract.
      2. SAP - Bob got the info from Faith today and will work on it
      3. Grants in the pipeline
        1. Will start working on the list of grants from Cat
        2. We need to be better at showing our success and sustainability need (metrics)
        3. Julie will take over chair of the grant committee, need a new member
  4. Media team report
    1. Storyboarding the Safety Video, well staffed with students
    2. Working on posters, 6 poster to be submitted for administration review
    3. Hanna is working on flyer's for VEX event
  5. FRC - Programming team report
    1. Laptops that can run Inventor and Labview (Julie / Clem will get software specs)
    2. Netbooks would work for Scouting
    3. Labview training, Ben has taken the lead in the classes (5 roboteers)
  6. Event Calendar
    1. Ramp Riot - 13 November
      1. FRC all set, there is a drive team
      2. VEX to do Girls in Gear program, need to leave Robotics Center at 7AM, back at 1PM.
    2. VEX Fall Classic presented by QVC - 20 November
      1. Event Staff
      2. Food Service
        1. Scott has a 30 cup maker
    3. PSU Winter Scrimmage - 4 December
    4. Practice Kickoff - 11 & 12 December
      1. Clem is working on the logistics
  7. Space
    1. Tour of the new building
  8. Other items
    1. Rigger will move the lathe and mill - they will use a pallet jack to get the mill out of the building - The rigger will do this for free
    2. Need to work on a lighting plan for machine space
    3. Gary will bring his truck for the move on Wednesday
    4. Gary will bring a refrigerator
    5. Need to run a Safety Session with the roboteers
    6. Key rack to be assembled
    7. Doing lessons learned about the pivot
    8. Clem has contact with an FLL group on 8th of November to see what they need
    9. Rita is going to work on an article for the Daily News
    10. They will work on the student portion of the fundraisers
    11. Need to start working on getting parents more involved
    12. Need to look at more fundraising (bang for the buck)
    13. We need to be First Aid Certified
      1. Sasha can set this up for the EMT Basic First Aid training
    14. Open house planning 15 December
      1. SWAT Robot
    15. Science Day in Philadelpia - 15 - 28 April
    16. Rizzo is working on Robotics day at Hershey Park - tickets $35 - April 19th due date
      1. Will pick a date in May
      2. Gary will offer to contact Hershey about Corporate tickets

Next meeting is December 17, 2010