Steering Committee 2010-12-17

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1. Finance

Checking: $3,322.63
Savings: $14,405.35

2. Activity Fee:

5 people paid
Communication packages for new & old students (separate) (Clem, Bob, David, Siri)
Instead of $400/yr; $95/quarter, more build season?
Enforce deadline (5 Jan), parent emails

3. Sponsors

ASME ($1000), Kensey Nash ($1000), Downingtown Community Fund ($5000), Boeing (directly to FIRST), Tires Plus of West Chester (Safety Glasses). Rejection from SAP.
Can try state gov't, don't overlap with STEM Academy
Boeing Material wish list (Pat Dolane POC; Clem, Ben, Scott, Gary, Siri; due date Julie)
Also opened Ridley Park cafeteria for scrimmages (good, useful press too)

4. Money for FIRST

Registration: currently paid by Sab, will be paid by Boeing
2nd Regional: currently unpaid, will be paid by Sab
Champs: currently unpaid, will be paid by DASD
Call FIRST to move Sab’s money (Faith)
Receipt to DASD for Champs for that $$ (Faith)

5. Organization

FRC - Need to make sure everyone is working the whole time, every time
Do we want to do different competitions as well?
Confirm FRC Calendar
Not getting permission forms back: hard deadline (Jan 5) enforce
FRC Growth Intent – max 40 students (currently 25)
STEM Academy - Clem has a meeting with headmaster to decide collaboration extent (not donating equipment)

6. Business Plan

Have mission statement, need core values (based on FIRST, etc) & year-round organization plan
REQUIRED to reach next level of funding
Needs to be easier to navigate(#1 Sponsors, #2 prospective members, #3 current members, technical content)
MUST have mentor - Preferably new, will ask parents and post volunteer opportunity (ASME – Julie)
Incorporation waiting on state, need to follow-up (Faith)

7. Open House – Lessons Learned

Avoid holidays & Wednesdays
Name tags & greeters, more mingling
More lead time, get DASD & local government there

8. FRC Practice Kickoff

Overall well – needs modifications (Clem, Siri)
Would be better with more people
Great game simulation, brainstorming

9. FRC Kickoff

Go over rules on Saturday
Need to setup space (will do at parent meeting, 5 Jan)
Need big writing surfaces – plotter paper, whiteboard/laminated paper
Game simulations & brainstorm on Sunday

10. DRC

Dumpster – problem was needed to pre-pay, now should be ok
$44/month for biweekly
Internet – task force by Faith, Gary, Bob to pick 3 best proposals
Cleanup – shifting worklist
East Caln
Don’t need another occupancy certificate
Can’t put out signs (would need to pay board for approval)
Security – door locked at all times

11. Mentors

Need code of conduct
Mutual respect
Student-to-mentor transition
Can’t keep work from students - mentors need to watch out for each other, head mentor needs to hold responsibility

Teach kids core values (need to enumerate DAR core values)