Steering Committee 2011-09-08

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6:00 - 8:00 Waterloo Warehouse


  • Approval of minutes from the 28-July Meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Confirmation of 2011/12 Officers
  • Space Status & ongoing efforts
  • FRC plans
  • Training
  • Practice Kickoff
  • Competitions
  • Fundraising
  • Vex plans
  • FLL Plans

Meeting Notes (Sasha acting Secretary) Approval of minutes from the 28-July Meeting

The previous minutes were passed without complaint.

Financial Report

According to Faith, we are in good standing financially, with $4000 dollars in savings.

Confirmation of 2011/12 Officers

The Committe agreed that Douglas should be our Treasurer and Andrew should be our Secretary in the 2011-2012 season. Douglas is also the Safety Captain.

Space Status & ongoing efforts

FRC 1640 is in the Waterloo Gardens building until November 1st (at least).
The lease may fall through, possibly leaving us with the Waterloo Gardens building for the rest of the year.
We have found a machine shop that is willing to lend us some space.

FRC plans

Design and CAD training have been ongoing. Programming training has been run (complete). Working on setting up welding training. Heavy equipment training on hold for now, as all such equipment remains in storage. Also considering some public speaking lessons (Rita Wall lead).
Practice Kickoff
Practice kickoff on Sept. 17, 2011
The event is open to the local FIRST community
Participating in 2 off-season competitions: 'Duel on the Delaware' and 'Ramp Riot'
Clem has been in touch with Ms. Armstrong from the 'Educational Fund' about co-ordinating fundraising efforts
FRC 1640 is once again looking for sponsors.
We are also trying to keep our current sponsors: Boeing, Arkema, etc.
Foster also mentioned that we should look into matching grants.
Applebee's Flapjack Fundraiser on October 16th. (Team wall photos and other adversting opportunies available.
Rizzo mentioned putting together a 5k fundraiser?
We have lightbulbs for selling!
Possible Pepsi sponsorship/donation?

Vex plans

VEX will not start their season until they have acquired a space in which they may reside the entire year.
They will be charging the full cost at the beginning of the year.
Possible parent night at Waterloo Gardens? (the 20th and the 22nd were the dates that I heard)
Holding only one event this year (in March)

FLL Plans

4 FLL teams that need a home
6 FLL teams total (2 residing at Springton Manner)
Possible home for 2 of those teams at Pickering Valley?
FLL teams might switch off with VEX certain nights of the week and use the Waterloo Gardens facility, should it become a more permanent residence.


4 new students (Lucy, Patrick, Karl, and Rohan)
Word-of mouth recruitment
Link on the DASD website
Can we attend Back-to-School days?
FRC 1640 Flyer in schools?