Steering Committee 2011-11-17

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17-November-2011 - 6:15 - 8:00 pm - Creamery Way warehouse

Attendance: C. McKown, F. McKown, F. Schucker, S. Featherman, G. Deaver, M. Rizzo, S. Maley (notes)

Last Minutes approved

  • Can’t buy originals anymore
  • Will buy 1 case of TNGs


  • Creamery still up in the air
  • If current contract falls through (likely but not certain), we’ll likely be here
  • Only have the 30 days officially


  • Get stuff out of Ben’s warehouse
  • Clem talking with Fiore on Friday 18 Nov 2011
  • STEM is aware of build season deadline
  • CCIU will not have space until summer
  • Julie’s letter is out, but no response yet (not expected at this point)
  • Very early possibility of space from Sikorsky via Rita
  • Clem writing letter to the editor


  • 5-6 at Springton Manner
  • ~40 total

FRC Schedule

  • 2 demos (STEM & East) 18 Nov 11
  • 2 regular meetings left
  • 14 Dec: Parent + Student meeting, then Mentor meeting

FRC Non-Technical Projects

  • Award preparation: behind in safety video (low focus), Dean’s List in the works, Chairman’s behind, WFA needs some work
  • Media meeting plan: need to encourage full concept (mentors conflict of interest)
  • We need more diverse recruiting – via students
  • Let’s not waste time or force students – let the kids do what they’re interested in (find out)
  • Chairman’s is currently dead for the year – may be revived by someone passionate
  • Same for animation, possibly revived for second video

VEX Schedule

  • Event 10 Dec
  • Last meeting 14 Dec
  • Scrimmage @ PSU Abington on 3 Dec – need judges mentors of veteran FRC students
  • Need to plan trip to Disney: 1 “team” pre-qualified
  • Late start progress: 5 drive + manipulator runningish, 7 almost working drives + planned manipulators, 4 behind
  • FLL also running behind – all due to space issues. Need to start Labor Day Tuesday.