Steering Committee 2011-12-29

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29-December-2011 - 6:15 - 8:00 pm - Creamery Way warehouse


  • Approval of Previous Minutes
  • Financial Report (Faith)
  • Space update
  • Proposal for STEM
  • Security Clearances
  • Who goes to STEM?
  • Web update (everything working again)
  • Training?
  • Preparation for FRC Build Season
  • Mill move
  • Chairman's Submission (Ken Au volunteers to lead)
  • VRC Update
  • FLL Update


Gary Deaver, Rich Kulik, Julie Kulik, Scott Featherman, Foster Schucker, Bob Whalen, Mike Rizzo, Siri Maley, Clem McKown, Faith McKown, John Weissman, Andrew

Steering Meeting Minutes 12/29/11

Last Meeting’s Minutes

Approved without comments.

Financial Report (Faith)

The team has adequate funds for build season. A Boeing grant paid for registration and two MAR qualifying events. We've been awarded a UTC grant, which will cover Philadelphia (but have not received the funds yet).

Space Update

We are in Creamery Way for Build Season. Clem is putting together a physical proposal for a move into the STEM Academy. Still trying to gauge CCIU interest level.
Working on Security Clearances; Clem to send email with further clarification. We are still working under the terms of the proposed agreement 1640 sent to STEM (not formally executed).
If FRC 1640 goes to STEM, who goes? VEX indicated that it is not planning to go to STEM.

Web Update

Everything appears to be working now!
We need to change the link on the navigation bar from Dewbot VII to Dewbot VIII (Schucker).
We also need a web (wiki) training session for new mentors and students (Schucker - McKown to schedule).

Preparation for FRC Build Season

Mill needs to move into Creamery Way. The issue is that we either need a forklift at Creamery Way or we need to move the Mill in a truck with a bed height matching the loading dock's (4 ft). We have a pallet jack at Creamery Way. Check with Christian B. if he can arrange a truck to move the mill (Faith). As an alternative, John Weissman may have a Dump Truck available.
Everything else is basically ready for Build Season
Two new short-block (FRC II) CRIO controllers have been purchased.

Chairman’s Submission (Ken Au volunteers to lead)

Have a public site (YouTube, Flickr, etc.) for other teams’ pictures/videos?
Set up a Photo Gallery in the Wiki so other teams can check out pictures of their teams.
Media Team responsibility
YouTube plug-in for the Wiki so videos can be added


7 events in 8 weeks
Eastern PA Regional moved (from Downingtown).


Qualifier on January 7
All teams working out of people’s homes
Season either ends on 7th or Delaware Regional at Bob Carpenter Center on January 28
Possibly host a Warm-up and Qualifier next year?