Steering Committee 2015-06-30

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Attendees: Clem McKown Faith McKown Gary Deaver David Moyer Gwen Moyer


PA Act 153-2014 requires Child Abuse Clearance Statements and PA State Police Reports for all volunteers.

In complying with PA Act 153 of 2014, it appears that DAR's adult volunteers (other than myself) meet the description of Volunteers under Section 6344.2. and therefore that the following (b.1) Exception applies: (sorry for the length of this):

(b.1) Exception.-- (1) A person responsible for the selection of volunteers under this chapter shall require an applicable prospective volunteer prior to the commencement of service to submit only the information under section 6344(b)(1) and (2), if the following apply:

       (i) The position the prospective volunteer is applying for is unpaid.
       (ii) The prospective volunteer has been a resident on this Commonwealth during the entirety of the previous ten-year period.
       (iii) The prospective volunteer swears or affirms in writing that the prospective volunteer is not disqualified from service pursuant to section 6344(c) or has not been convicted of an offence similar in nature to those crimes listed in section 6344(c) under the laws or former laws of the United States or one of its territories or possessions, another state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or a foreign nation, or under a former law of this commonwealth.

Financial Gap

Sikorski is being acquired by Lockheed Martin. Sikorski is a $10,000 sponsor, so maximum impact is this. Maybe we can keep Lockheed as sponsor (at same level?), but Lockheed and Boeing are oil and water in terms of FRC sponsorship. So minimum impact is ~half this.

Traditional Fundraising efforts can help. Car Wash; Pancake Breakfast; FLL Scrimmage.

Pancake Breakfast and FLL Scrimmage each can raise ~$1,000.

This still leaves a huge gap. We need new sponsors to replace Sikorski!

Hosted Events

  • FRC Qualifier w/ Metal Moose – unknown at time
  • FLL Scrimmage is a fundraiser – avoid Landsdale Catholic (best if after)
  • FLL Qualifier – not a fundraiser – Late if possible

PA FLL Teams will have to qualify at Penn FLL Qualifiers and these will be in December (except Philadelphia). FRC District events will allow teams to cross borders. There will be a Capitol District (MD, VA & DC) next year.


Currently have 10 students. (4) of these are expected to move up to FRC later (Josh, Amal, Akhila & Braden)

Down (4) FTC mentors from last year.

Must recruit 2 or 3 FTC mentors to keep the program active.

FTC Kick-off is 12-September.