Steering Committee 2016-09-27

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Attendees: Gary Deaver, Faith McKown, Gwen Moyer, David Moyer, Scott Featherman, Larry Dodds, Andrew Weissman, Clem McKown


FRC This year's shift of Westtown (which we will co-host with Metal Moose 1391) to week 2 threw our normal approach to qualifier selection into disarray. No-one is eager to compete at Hatboro-Horsham in week 1 and Westtown in week 2. The decision was made not to compete at Hatboro-Horsham (for the first time since going to the District model). We will compete at Westtown and Seneca (week 4). We will probably not pursue a 3rd event before MAR Championship.

We will, however, volunteer at Hatboro-Horsham.





Fundraising Ideas