Stronghold Meeting - 11-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

-Crayola CAD continues for the potential drivetrain configurations going over the defenses. A deadline of Wednesday January 13th has been set for drivetrain Crayola CAD to be completed.


-A drivetrain prototype was constructed to the general specifications set by the Crayola CAD. This prototype was unpowered and pushed over the defenses by hand. The 6 Wheel Drive config was tested and showed a potential to become stuck, verifying the Crayola CAD's findings that the gap between the wheels was too large. Since the only remedy is to shorten the wheelbase, which goes against our general design requirements, the 6 Wheel Drive configuration was scrapped.

-Prototyping began on a single-axle wheeled shooter to launch the boulder into the high goal.


- After completing some final WPIlib updates, we started trying the run GRIP on the roboRIO.

-Tonight we ran into an issue, because the grip file was looking for a JPEG on the laptop not the roboRIO.
-Instead of using the image, we decided to try using a camera. We tried using a USB camera, but it was still looking on the laptop, and not the roboRIO.
-Tomorrow we will try configuring the IP camera.


Field Elements

-The rock wall is completed, but construction on the second platform continues.


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