Stronghold Meeting - 12-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

-No CAD meeting, but Crayola CAD continues.


-The drivetrain prototype was modified to accept two more wheels between and offset from the original three wheels to replicate the 6+4 drive. This was able to cross the moat, but produced a considerably large amount of bounce. Moving the prototypes by hand is also distorting the tests. A more accurate and independent prototype is necessary. The AM14U2 kitbot can support this prototype.

-The single-axle wheeled shooter is complete, but fails to meet the requirements to shoot in the high goal. It is able to shoot a few feet up and forward at best.


-After yesterday's meeting, we decided the next step for GRIP would be to try using an IP camera.

- We started by attempting to reconfigure the axis camera on the robot. Since the connections were loose on the camera, we had to use a different axis camera.
-After configuring the camera, we used the IP address of the camera,, in the GRIP program.
-This still did not work. GRIP was unable to read a camera at this IP address.
- After realizing that the IP address was in the range for APIPA - to - it became apparent that the DHCP server on the robot was assigning the camera a new IP address.
- We discovered the new IP address through the web page for the roboRIO. After using this IP address in the GRIP program, it worked. We were able to get data from the robot using the camera and our vision algorithm.
- We wired up an LED ring around the camera so we could use it tomorrow to attempt vision processing with the retro-reflective tape.


-We completed a point analysis based off the predicted time it would take to complete various tasks.

-We started by selecting times for tasks such as: crossing a defense, lining up to shoot(with and without auto alignment), finding another boulder, etc
-We then calculated the number of cycles we could do in a match, and the points that our robot alone would score.
-It became apparent that auto alignment to the goal was imperative. In all situations, it brought our score up substantially.
-It also showed that we would need another cycler or defense breacher on our alliance in order to complete a breach.

Field Elements

-The second platform is complete and the rough terrain is beginning its construction.


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