Stronghold Meeting - 15-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

Rampart geometry

-More discussion about the wheel vs. tread debate. A minimum chassis height that will clear all defenses, especially the ramparts when initially crossing or completing a cross, was determined to be ~3.25in. Some initial dimensions and general geometry for a tread drive were determined as well. For the wheeled drivetrain, it was decided that the mechanical team needed to mod the AM14U2 kitbot to support the 200mm wheels and have an equivalent or greater chassis height than the minimum chassis height determined before.


-The AM14U2 began to be modified to meet the specs listed by the CAD & Design Team. It will rest on an 80/20 frame that will support the wheels, while the AM14U2's gearbox will drive the wheels via a sprocket reduction, bringing the total reduction to (INSERT TOTAL REDUCTION AND FT/S).


-After adding the LEDs to the camera at a previous meeting, we were finally able to adjust the algorithm used for image processing.

- Adjusting the contrast, brightness, resolution, hue thresholds, saturation thresholds, and luninance thresholds, we were able to isolate a piece of vision tape.

-We also set up a program to use the center X to line up with a piece of retro reflective tape. It will turn if the tape leaves the center of the camera. This is the first step in writing an auto-alignment for the high goal. We were unable to test this program tonight, but we will test it tomorrow.


Field Elements

-The blocks for the rough terrain were cut and some have already been attached.


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