Stronghold Meeting - 19-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

-Intake Crayola CAD continues.

-A scaling Crayola CAD was developed to check our potential reach and extension outside of the frame perimeter as a precaution from game rule update #2. Luckily, the Crayola CAD shows that, with our current chassis decisions, any extension of the frame would result in a <10in extension.


-A potential hanging solution was developed using a flat coil spring extended and retracted by a cable. It is interesting, but loses rigidity as it extends, posing a risk to the frame extension rule.

-Disassembly for improvements began on the AM14U2 kitbot. Both sides have been removed and extension spacers have been made out of 80/20.


-We attempted to run GRIP on a laptop, instead of the roboRIO.

-After copying the files off the roboRIO, we were able to successfully run the GRIP file.
-We decided since we would already be streaming another camera back to the drivers station, completing the vision processing on the drivers station would be difficult to fit within the bandwidth limits.
-We decided the best idea would be to run GRIP on the raspberry pi 2 model B. It has a similar architecture to the roboRIO, so we could probably get the files to work on the pi. Also, it would allow the vision processing to be completed off the roboRIO, with even more processing power, without risking breaking the bandwidth limits. We ordered the pi on amazon, and it is scheduled to arrive Thursday.


Field Elements

-The seesaw is complete and the tower is coming together. However, the tower won't support the scaling bar as we plan to make a steel frame to support the robot while scaling.


-We were going to drive to New York over the weekend to pick up FRC Team 1635's 2012 robot to do some drive testing, since their robot is a tread drive. However, this was scrapped due to the complexity of the trip and getting everything to use it. Instead, FRC Team 1635 drove it over their defenses and put the link up on YouTube for us to see. Thank you FRC Team 1635!

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