Stronghold Meeting - 21-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

-Scaling Crayola CAD were completed, and it looks like we will be deciding on an order of hanging for our matches.


-The AM14U2 kitbot is complete! It was able to drive over all Category B and D defenses, but not as nicely as necessary. The moat proved to be especially challenging and, while it is able to climb over it, it did struggle quite a bit. Did it struggle too much to keep it as a contender?

-The catapult was tested with the actual tower and was able to score, but it broke its hard stop. a new one made of steel was welded together.


-The raspberry pi arrived today!

- We loaded the raspian operating system onto the raspberry pi.
- After transferring the correct files onto the pi, we attempted to run the grip program. Some dependency exceptions were thrown.


Field Elements


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