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Post-Mortem (FRC Championship)

The Good

  • Scouting
  • High shooting
  • Andrew's Birthdays
  • New Intake
  • Portcullis autonomous
  • Moat autonomous except once
  • No breakdowns

The Bad

  • Got stuck in the moat once (at start of match)
  • Hanging is too slow to score
  • (2) scouting tablets damaged - all in bad condition
  • Everyone got sick and threw up (but not all at the same time)
  • Bolt holding catapult dog gear broke (but not in competition - fixed for competition)
  • Auto aim did not work for a few matches (fixed - software issue)
  • Auto aim would be better if it were faster
  • Intake was smushed in competition - fixed and re-enforced
  • Got a yellow card

Post-Mortem (2016 Season)

The Good

  • Scouting (really turned a corner)
  • Tableau for analysis and presentation of scouting data
  • LabVIEW --> Java transition
  • Choice of Catapult
  • Selection of tracked drive-train
  • Drive team coach
  • Engineering notebook start (however, there were follow-up issues)
  • Qualified for FRC Championship!
  • Travel more organized
  • In-team communications
  • Co-hosting Westtown
  • Co-hosting Westtown provides base for Chairman's work
  • Drive team transitions
  • Outreach
  • Dean's List (Meghana advanced to MAR Championships)

The Bad

  • Excessive time was lost in tracked drive-train development
  • Weak design process
  • Inadequate design bandwidth
  • Slow design decision making
The team's design decision-making process has traditionally been consensus-based. A consensus decision-making process under the right conditions can result in good decision making - but never fast decision making. The problem in developing consensus grows geometrically as the size of the group involved grows.
  • Shop (dis)organization
  • Organization overall
  • Time management
  • Back-up drive team
Original thoughts that Josh G & Akhila (from FTC) would form the basis of a 2nd drive team were scuttled by FTC 7314's stellar competitive performance this season. Despite this, cross training (Abbi can perform any drive team role, it seems; Alicia stepped up also; and Larry Dodds could have substituted for Laura if this became necessary) allowed us to manage absent individual drive team members in competition

Actions / Projects

  • Expand vision processing and co-processing expertise
  • Improve design process
  • Reorganize workshop
  • Tool service and repair
  • CNC Router Project
  • 3D Printer Project
  • Shifting Swerve Project
  • Budget including tool acquisition & trailer
  • Grant writing
  • Hang for IRI
  • Talent for IRI
  • More Outreach
  • Develop safety APP (Tablet) - work w/ UL
  • Revise Scouting APP