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Q: What do we need most for MAR Champs and FRC Champs?

A: We need RCs from the step!

RC Pirate

  • Grab RCs without moving (driving) (then afterwards, drive like the Dickens!)
  • Grab RCs with stored energy (no activation except for release)
  • Must retract afterwards
  • 2 RCs
  • Never over 78" tall (ever, ever)
  • 5.0 lb max
  • Finish & test by MAR Champs
  • Mighty Mouse fast (and faster!!)

We need to stack faster

  • We are losing time when the tote lands on end.
  • Process change proposed:
  • Drop the first tote on the floor before the robot gets to the HP station (it is expected to land on end a significant fraction of the time).
  • Approach HP station with the robot with the lift in the #2 position. Knock over the tote (if on end) and align.
  • The build the stack as we do now.
  • Auto alignment (2 or 4 sonars)
  • Lift speed increase
  • Gear ratio change
  • Programmatic speed increase
  • For the last stack, do not go to transport. Go to #2 and close arms to transport with the bottom tote on the floor.


  1. Fix the scoring platform potholes
  2. Look at competition video to determine probability of landing on the tote ends.

Important autonomous modes

  1. RC Pirate (Yo-Ho!) - #1 priority, but this needs mechanics first
  2. Push RC can over (we do this now)
  3. Plain vanilla
  4. 3-tate stack with RC avoidance - work on this first


  1. Need to finish auto-leveling
  2. Auto aligning w/ sonar