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Template Guide

This is intended to be a quick guide on updating the templates on this wiki using the way I've set them up.

What are templates, and why?

When you edit some pages, such as Downingtown Area Robotics, you may notice some text which looks like {{CURRENTROBOT}}. These are intended to make it easier to update the wiki: instead of having to comb through various pages to find everywhere it says "the current year is 201X" and update them annually, you can just update the template and it will propagate across every page where the template is used. This works in page links as well: the main page will always automatically link to our sponsors from the current season, if the templates are updated.

Do I need to update them?

Well, does this text look correct?

  • This year's game is DEEP SPACE! This is the 2019 season. This is Team 1640's fifteenth season, and we are building DEWBOT XV. More than 3,600 FRC teams exist.

If not, the templates need to be updated.

How do I update them?

Click on these links and edit the pages, following the guidelines next to each link.

Template:CURRENTGAME (should look something like FIRST Power Up)

Template:CURRENTSEASON (should look something like 2018)

Template:CURRENTORDINAL (should look something like fourteenth)

Template:CURRENTROBOT (should look something like DEWBOT XIV - this one is especially important, as it is used in some page links. Make sure this link works after you update it: DEWBOT XV Students)

Template:CURRENTTEAMAMOUNT (should look something like 3,600 - you can look up this information on the FIRST website, probably, but it's also unlikely to matter)

Make sure these pages contain ONLY one or a few words of unformatted text. No sentences, no titles, nothing but the words themselves. Whatever is on the page will be reproduced EXACTLY on other pages containing the template.

I hate templates and want to get rid of them!

Well, I'm sorry to see them go, but I'm going to save a listing of pages which I've used templates on so you can more easily remove them.


That's about it! I'm not particularly attached to these, so if you decide you don't like them, especially in 2019 and beyond (when I will likely no longer be with 1640, unfortunately), feel free to remove them. Otherwise, keep them updated. Good luck!