Battery Testing 04-2019

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All team batteries were tested in April, 2019. Between MAR Championship and FRC Championship (Detroit version).

A strange phenomenon was observed during this testing: many batteries exhibited high internal resistance (>0.025 Ω - Fair rating) during Battery Beak testing during the first scan while also appearing to be good batteries during CBA testing. Follow-up Battery Beak testing showed recovery of most of these batteries after discharge & recharge. It is hypothesized that this is the result of a breakdown in battery management, specifically many batteries have been left for long periods uncharged after use. In addition, team habit during drive practice is to run the battery down to the point where operating difficulties become apparent.

It was confirmed that channel (2) of our twin battery charger is not working (after inserting a discharged battery, the light goes from red to green in a few minutes; the battery is not charged). Some people knew this; others did not. A second triple battery charger was ordered to replace the twin charger.

The batteries becoming Red (Q, AK, AM & AP) were removed from service. All leads were removed and batteries recycled.

All batteries rated Yellow will be used for testing, practice, and scouting only. Not competition.

Batteries rated Blue are for competition. The team has (18) competition-rated batteries, including (6) new batteries purchased during this testing (the strange phenomenon cited above influenced this purchase decision).

Battery test report