CrossBot Game 2010

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CrossBot is a simple VEX game. It is played on a plus shaped field with 40 tennis balls and two scoring tubes for each alliance.


CrossBot Field Drawing.jpg

The game starts with both robots in their starting wing (the ones without their scoring goals.) and 15 balls. The remaining 10 balls are stacked on the center platform.

Balls that are moved across the field to the scoring zone. Balls on the floor are worth 1 point. Balls that are in the goals are 2 points each. At the end of the two minute match if the robot is on the clear top of the center ramp that is worth 5 points. Balls may be moved in or out of a scoring zone by either team.

Atlas bonus: At 30 seconds the atlas ball is placed on the platform. Teams can then roll the atlas ball to their scoring zone. At the end of the match, the balls in the goals that the atlas ball is touching are worth 4 points each.

Sample Score

Blue has scored 10 balls in the zone, 5 in one goal, 4 in the other. Both robots are parked on the ramp. 10+5*2+4*2+2*5 = 38

Red has scored 10 balls in the zone 6 in one goal, 5 in the other. The atlas ball is touching the goal with 6 balls 10+6*4+5*2 = 44 If the atlas ball was touching the other goal the score would be: 10+6*2+5*4=32. It is possible for the atlas ball to touch both goals which will double the score of the balls in the goals.

Game Play

This is the summer 2010 game, it allows simple and complex robots to play and score.