DEWBOT VIII Duel on the Delaware

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Winning alliance
We were Champions at the 2012 Duel on the Delaware! First alliance teams 271 (Mechanical Marauders, Bayshore NY) and 341 (Miss Daisy, Wissahickon HS, Ambler PA) graciously invited us to join them and together we won Duel on the Delaware in six matches.

This was our 3rd competition win of the season with Miss Daisy. We had the honor of participating in Miss Daisy's 100th match win of the 2012 season.

Sab-BOT-age has participated at Duel on the Delaware for 6 years. It was the first FRC competition for three of our new students.

Check out the Event Website.

Who was there

Students: Douglas, Molly, Kira, Jack, Yahya, Patrick C, Patrick D, Lucy, Fatima, Jason & Brad

Mentors: Julie Christopher, Faith McKown, Clem McKown, Siri Maley & Ben Kellom

Parents: Ellen Kellom, Bill Curran, Debbie Drago & Deedee McPeak

Competition Roles:

Drive Team - Kira (Driver*), Jack (Operator*), Yahya (Human Player), Brad (secondary Human Player*), Siri Maley (Coach)
Programming Pit Crew - Pat D (Head Programmer*), Julie Christopher (Programming Supervisor)
Mechanical Pit Crew - Molly (Pit Captain), Yahya (Pit Liaison*), Doug, Pat C, Kira, Jack, Siri Maley (Pit Supervisor)
Scouting Team - Lucy (Head Scout*), Fatima, Jason, Brad
*Congratulations to Kira, Jack, Yahya, Lucy, Brad and Pat D for fantastic jobs stepping into new roles! This was also the first competition for Molly and Doug as official team captains.

Duel on the Delaware Photo Gallery