DEWBOT VIII FRC Championship

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FRC Team 1640 (team Sab-BOT-age) competed for its second time (and 2nd consecutive year) in FRC's Championship, held in the Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis MO. 27 students, mentors and family members made the trip.

Team 1640 did well, with a 6-2-1 qualification record to place 13th out of the 100 teams in Newton division. 402 FRC teams were present altogether. We were not selected for an eliminations alliance.

Pit Captain Molly was interviewed by Popular Mechanics during the competition. Popular Mechanics included DEWBOT VIII in their short list (10) of All-Star Robots.

Special appreciation and congratulation to Michael Rizzo, who had the rare distiction of serving as Head Referee on Archimedes Field. We are all proud of you!


Rank: 13 of 100 (88%)
Qualifying Match Record: 6-2-1

Match Results

Andrew, Sasha, Douglas, Siri
Qualification Matches:



Sasha - Operator, Co-Captain & Pit Mechanical
Andrew - Driver, Co-Captain & Pit Mechanical
Molly - Pit Captain
Douglas - Outbounder, Team Safety Captain & Pit Mechanical
Mike M - Head Programmer
DJ - Pit Programmer
Kenneth - Media
Nicole - Scouting Lead
Jack - Scouting & Pit Mechanical
Ian - Scouting
Patrick C - Scouting & Pit Mechanical
Patrick D - Scouting & Programming
Varun - Scouting


Faith McKown - Administration & Logistics
Siri Maley - Coach, Scouting & Strategy, Pit Mechanical
Mike Rizzo - Competition Volunteer (Head Referee - Archimedes)
Rita Wall - Media
David Wall - Coaching & Strategy
Clem McKown - Head Mentor, Strategy & Pit Mechanical
Scott Featherman - Pit Electrical
Ben R - Alumni Programmer Mentor


Ruthie Morganto
David Moyer
Molly's Grandparents
Susan Rogers
Mariana Curran
Debbie Drago


FRC Championship Photo Gallery