DEWBOT VIII Monty Madness

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Sab-BOT-age used this event primarily for drive-team training. We finished qualifying matches as 15th seed out of 39 teams with a (2-2-2) record.
We were the first selection of team 369 (High Voltage), captain of the 6th alliance. Team 484 (RoboForce) completed our alliance. Alas, we were defeated in the quarterfinals by the 3rd alliance (103, 2016 and 224).

Who was there

Students: Douglas, Sasha, Andrew, Molly, DJ, Yahya, Jack, Nicole, Kira, Ian, Patrick C, Patrick D
Mentors: Julie Christopher, David & Rita Wall, Faith & Clem McKown
Parents: Deborah Drago, Bill Curran

Driver: Douglas, Yahya, Kira & Andrew
Operators: Jack & Patrick C
Coaches: David Wall, Sasha & Andrew
Human Player: Patrick D & Yahya
Administrator: Faith McKown
Pit Captain: Molly
Scout: Ian

Monty Madness Photo Gallery