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Drive Team 2011

Due to driver experience and the complicated drive system, only Carly, Sasha, and Andrew will be base drivers for the year; people wishing to be base drivers for next year must practice during the season and have competition experience as either an arm or human player. New members will be placed depending on how well they listen and work with others. There will be a limited number of people certified for regional competition and others only allowed to drive offseason.

Base Driver Arm Operator Human Player Coach
Carly Sasha Andrew Clem McKown
Sasha Andrew Matt Siri Maley
Andrew Doug


  • Corey
  • Nicole
  • Molly

Finger Lakes Regional

Players for Finger Lakes (Main and Backup)
Base Driver Arm Operator Human Player Coach
Carly Sasha Andrew Clem McKown
Sasha Andrew Matt Siri Maley


Rank: 24 of 44 (48%)
Qualifying Match Record: 4-6-0
Qualifying Score: 8.00 (avg 9.8, top 20, stdev 3.9)
Ranking Score: 22.20 (avg 15.8, top 28.5, stdev 5.2)
Average Score (Average Winning Margin): 10.00 (-6.1)
Offensive Power Rating (Regional Rank): 9.9 (19 of 44) (avg 8.2, top 64.2, stdev 12)
Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin (Regional Rank): -18.6 (38 of 44)
Estimated Robot Contribution: 10-18
Minibot Contribution: 0
(Courtesy of FIRST & 2834)

Qualification Matches

(Indented coaches' notes from post-match)
Match 6: swift 6-0 victory - good start! (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)
...Still refining the structure for determining roles (scoring, feeding, defense, minibot, HP) and positions (starting, grid & tower). Good news is, everyone is and we're farther along than most.
Match 12: hard defeat 6-43 against eventual 7th and 11th seeds - good job 1511 (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)
...1511's proves they can be a (relative) scoring machine! I think that's what practice looks like...
Match 22: impressive 72-33 victory - helping undefeated eventual champions 2056 (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri)
...Well, it's 2056. Good practice for us (secure in the knowledge that we'll win) and good drive team to learn from.
Match 28: another 29-7 victory (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 31: painful 36-44 loss (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem) - one alliance robot was a no-show
Match 38: hard 9-67 loss (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 45: painful 24-66 loss (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem)
Match 54: rough but understandable 18-62 loss against eventual 1st undefeated seed champions, 6th seed, and our own semi-finalist alliance captain (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem)
Match 63: another crushing 23-102 loss (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 73: breaking the streak! A solid 77-60 victory, we'll get our mojo back yet (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)
...Back in black! Smooth & calm--I thought we had a roller claw there for a minute!
We were selected by 145 and 1551 to join Alliance 4!

Elimination Matches

Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri
QF 2-1: 54-0 victory over Alliance 5 (3799, 1511, 164)
...Definitely smoother than I expected given our qualifications record. We're pretty good at this!
QF 2-2: wheels froze up for closer 45-38 victory: we're semifinalists!
...Worried for a minute there, but we stayed calm and made it back. Semifinals here we come!
SF 1-1: crushing 113-6 defeat against Alliance 1 (eventual champions) after both our partners broke and our arm motor failed
...Difficult decisions with the failed arm. (Need to teach HPs that plans change sometimes!) Not much to be done about that loss.
SF 2-1: more broken robots, 94-6 defeat
...2 timeouts (1 graciously donated by Alliance 1) but bots are still broken. We've got some pit process problems of our own. Rough way to go, but 2056, 217 and 1518 definitely deserve it. Congrats, guys!

Philadelphia Regional


Rank: 2 of 56 (98%)
Qualifying Match Record: 8-0-1
Elimination Match Record: 6-2 (no ties in Eliminations) - Winners
Qualifying Score: 17.00 (avg 8.89, top 18, stdev 3.9)
Ranking Score: 29.11 (avg 25.17, top 46, stdev 7.5)
Average Qualification Match Score (Average Winning Margin): 21.89 (12.4)
Offensive Power Rating (Regional Rank): 27.3 (12 of 56) (avg 14.34, top 55.71, stdev 14.9)
Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin (Regional Rank): 24.1 (8 of 56)
Estimated Robot Contribution: 3-6
Estimated Minibot Contribution: Approx 25.88 (27.78 quals only, note CCWM is 3.68 lower)
Overall by last event, we're in the 93rd percentile on CCWM and the 89th on OPR.
(Courtesy of FIRST, CD FRC-Spy, Team 2834 & Team 48)

Calculated Standings without Fanger

Calculated Rank: 18 of 56 (70%)
Calculated Qualifying Match Record: 5-3-1
Calculated Elimintation Match Record (all else equal): 4-4 or 3-3 - Semifinalists or Finalists (1 win 1 loss in semifinals)
Calculated Average Qualification Match Score (Average Winning Margin): 15.07-17.30 (5.67-7.89), top assumes 3rd minibot finshes
Calculated Qualifying Score: 11.00
Calculated Ranking Score: 22.78
Full Results Calculator

Match Results

Carly, Sasha, Matt/Andrew, Clem
Qualification Matches:

Match 3: Close win over 56, 1391 and 2539 with 225 and 321, 74-69 despite losing the minibot race.
Match 16: Regional high score 114-25 at the time with 365 and 272 (thanks guys!) against 433, 223 and 3167.
Match 27: 33-0 blowout over 1712, 2559 and 3151 with 486 and 3553.
Match 38: 74-32 win over 204, 3015 and 2229 with 1647 and 2559
Match 46: Narrow 62-58 victory with 357 and 423 over 834, 1302, 316, despite losing the minibot race.
Match 51: 38-38 tie versus 357, 304 and 2641 with 1403 and 1370
Match 65: 36-24 win with 1712 and 2895 over 1143, 1980 and 224. Thanks Fanger!
Match 72: 77-6 blowout with 1391 and 304 over 2234, 3182 and 2534
Match 80: 83-0 blowout with 103 and 2607 over 3123, 1791 and 1495

We finished as the 2nd ranked team! After some complex negotiation, we ended up partnering with 365 while the 1st ranked 1647 parntered with 341. More more complexity later (thank your 365's scouts!), we picked 303 as our third partner.

Elimination Matches:

QF 3-1: 48 to 82 loss against the 7th Alliance (816, 1403 and 1712) after our claw got smashed and the minibot fell off. (Match was lost to minibots.) 1712 did a good job tying up 365 which we couldn't interrupt. Due to some HP communication, the alliance was low on tubes. No autonomous for us.
QF 3-2: Narrow 78-70 victory thanks to some serious hanging by 365 when 303 shook 1712 off them. They also won the minibot race and nailed the double tube autonomous, though our minibot fell off again and we turned out autonomus off after double-scoring an Ubertube in QF 3-1.
QF 3-3: Another eeked out 63-59 victory thanks to 365 a nd 303 hanging when 1712 switched with 87. (Still no Fanger.) We're semifinalists!
SF 2-1: A slightly less close 72-66 win over Alliance 3 (103, 56 and 1302). 365 and 303 cleaned up on hanging with our defense (claw still out of commission). No minibot for us once again (or for 303 or 365).
SF 2-2: Another close 63-50 victory thanks to the 1st & 3rd minibot finishes. One penalty each, but we're finalists!
Fin 1-1: Frightening 26-82 loss due mostly to our MOE's top scoring arm breaking and us not playing offense. 2 penalties on us and 1 on them (lane violations). They nailed both 1st & 2nd minibot finishes, though our alliance got third.
Fin 1-2: Another close 70-64 win after 2607 switched with 365. We're back on offense with 303 and autonomous worked. Only 2nd & 3rd in the minibot race.
Fin 1-3: 69-0 blowout including first in the minibot race when 486 brokedown.

Offseason Drivers

Base Driver Arm Operator Human Player Coach
Sasha Andrew Matt Clem McKown
Andrew Molly (might change) Alex (might change) Siri Maley
Drew (might change) Carly


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