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Ramp Riot Intro Video (Featuring Akhila)
Hosted by team 341 (Miss Daisy) at Wissahickon High School in Ambler PA. Team 1640 has participated in Ramp Riot every year since its founding (2005).

This was a good event for Sab-BOT-age. The team finished qualification matches ranked 7th in a field of 36 teams 3-2-0. Since there is no in-picking at Ramp Riot, we were the 7th alliance captain, inviting teams 4362 (Roxbotix), 2016 (Mighty Monkey Wrenches) and 432 (Simple Machines) to join our alliance. We made it through the quarterfinals (against 2nd alliance 708, 316, 103 & 5404) 2-0-0, but were eliminated in semifinals by the 6th alliance (1712, 834, 1403 & (2)607) 1-2-0, who finished the event as winners.

Lead Scout: Vinny
Coach: Daniel
Driver: Cameron
Operator: Sai & Ella
Human Player: Bhavana & Joey
Technician: Nathan & David
Pit Captain: Braden

Ramp Riot Photo Gallery