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This week 4 Event (22-24 March-2024) held at Bensalem High School, Bensalem PA was FRC team 1640's (Sab-BOT-age) second 2024 competition. 35 teams participated. In 2024, FIRST Mid-Atlantic increased the number of events from 7 to 8, with the consequence of events generally having fewer teams participating. The compression of the District competition season from 5 to 4 weeks results in 2 FMA District events each weekend.

Sab-BOT-age finished qualification matches with a (8-4-0) record ranked #11. During alliance selection, FRC team 5401 (Fightin' Robotic Owls - Bensalem High School, the event host) invited 1640 to join the 5th alliance. Team 4575 (Gemini) completed the 5th alliance. Alas, the 5th alliance did not survive quarterfinals.

1640 did receive the District Impact Award (the Award formerly known as Chairmans)! This is FIRST's highest award and definitely a really big deal.

One Alumni Saboteur (Snarr) served as event volunteer at Bensalem.

The team earned 37 district points at Bensalem. We have 91 district points going into the District Championship. 1640 is currently ranked 23rd in FMA out of a field of 127 teams.

Bensalem Photo Gallery