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This week 2 Event (8-10 March-2024) held at Seneca High School, Tabernacle NJ was FRC team 1640's (Sab-BOT-age) first 2024 competition. 27 teams participated. In 2024, FIRST Mid-Atlantic increased the number of events from 7 to 8, with the consequence of events generally having fewer teams participating. The compression of the District competition season from 5 to 4 weeks results in 2 FMA District events each weekend.

Sab-BOT-age finished qualification matches with a (7-5-0) record ranked #2. During alliance selection, we captained the 2nd alliance, joined by teams 272 (Cyber Crusaders) and 6860 (Equitum Robotics). We won our first two Playoff matches, but then we suffered failure of our scoring mechanisms and were eliminated in the next two.

Four (4) Alumni Saboteurs (Snarr, Vineeth, Amal & Joey) served as event volunteers at Seneca. In addition, Mike Rizzo, a former Sab-BOT-age mentor, was the event MC.

The team earned 54 district points at Seneca, ranking 4th in terms on district points at this event.

Behind the Bumpers Interview

FRC 1640 was selected for a "Behind the Bumper" video interview. This is our 2nd such interview, the previous at Detroit in 2018.

Seneca Photo Gallery