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The drive team is responsible for the motion of the robot up and down the field. The robot needs to be fast, nimble, yet powerful and sturdy, but not weigh a lot. It needs to be able to push other robots (gently) around, while resisting being moved, while retaining the ability to turn on a dime.

The drive base also needs to support the game play mechanicals. They are responsible for the basic frame design.

They are also responsible for the creation of a safe and secure space to mount the electronics package. That includes the cRio controller, power distribution, sidecars and the battery.

The Drive Team is also responsible for the bumpers. The bumpers must meet FIRST safety requirements, but also must detach and reattach within seconds.

Along with the Game Team, this team has the highest level of mechanical skills while having crossover knowledge of motors and pneumatics.

The team spends a great deal of time in the off season building and testing prototype drive elements.