FRC 1640 Punchlist

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We are making the transition from prototyping to fabrication. It's time to (finish designing and) build a robot.

Mechanical Fabrication

  • Pivots
    • Complete cutting and key the 7075 Al transfer axles
    • Key and cut retaining clip groove into 4140 steel co-axial drive shafts
    • Fabricate angle sensor mounts
    • Key 32T Al pulleys (1" diam)
  • Chassis
    • Complete gussets
    • Finish welding Deux
    • Start welding Prime
  • Slingshot
    • Complete rough cutting 1 x 1 square tubing
    • Finish square tubes with non-square ends
    • Cut gussets


  • Layout basic state logic with programmers (Siri, Julie - draft done)
  • System-level ball routing, ball auto-ejection, manipulator tensioning

Programming / Control

  • All programming team members need to install LabVIEW and FRC software on a personal computer (see DEWBOT_X_Programming for details) -- Make sure FRC 2014 appears when starting LabVIEW
  • All programming team members need to complete the certification test
  • Position and angular error spread for autonomous movement (by revolution counts) via testing procedure (Pat, Julie, Siri - procedure documented)
    • Tweaks to keep in mind for tach-based autonomous driving (kept here as reminders for any new code):
      • Wheel initialization -- e.g. rotate 360 degrees (no shortest distance), then back 180 degrees
      • Ramp up drive power based on revolutions reported by encoders
    • Gather tach-based autonomous driving trial data -- FOR EACH COMPETING ALGORITHM
      • Should still compare two versions: tach-vs-tach and tach-vs-expected ?
  • Demonstrate move to/wait for Hot Goal -- N/A?
  • Demonstrate dashboard-to-robot-code communication -- HIGH PRIORITY
  • Design dashboard layout with drive team -- HIGH PRIORITY
  • Finish translation of automated tasks strings into motor/solenoid commands -- HIGH PRIORITY
  • Autonomous sequence needs to be implemented
    • Typical "primitives" approach is not going to work
  • CODE REVIEW on Wednesday -- All available programming team members should participate


  • Layout preliminary match and pit UI sheets and Excel/Tableau files
  • Lock down prioritize (first generation) metrics


  • Paint more hats
  • Plan/start videos (at least release video)
  • Vests and sweatshirts


  • Build a shelf storage unit for the welding area giving welding team much needed practice.
  • We've been using alloy 4043 for all our robot welding. However, alloy 5356 may be a better choice. It is more ductile and stronger especially in

shear, which it what many of our chassis joints are subject to. We need to devise a simple test to evaluate.

  • Weld pivot tubes to pivot tops