FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2015-10-31

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
31-October-2015 2:00-5:00 PM TCHS Brandywine Trevor, Daniel, Braden, Seth, Akhila, Amal, Bennett, Matt, Trent, Myles, Justin, Wade

Objectives / Systems Hypotheses, tests, observations, conclusions, plans
  • Myles Cut nylon tubes and cut other things.
  • Bennett cut polycarbonate pieces for the debris dumping mechanism, and fastened screws to the framework that would hold the treads.
  • Amal was watching Akhila and Trent code on the big screen. Amal learned as well how to control the robot through the android device during that meeting.
  • Amal was also helping to test the robot on the field.
  • Jacob and Akhila, with the help of Mr. Abersold, decided to conceptualize and execute a plan that continued the autonomous from finding the red box. The plan is as follows.
  • (After finding red box) Go backwards 10 units.
  • Turn, using compass, 100 degrees.
  • Turn backwards 10 units.
  • Turn, using compass, 35 degrees.
  • Go backwards 100 units.
  • trent helped Akhila change values of things.

Tasks Reflections
Drive Chain
  • Braden worked hard on putting the bolts in the drive train which will hold the tank trends together
  • Daniel and braden worked and had a system for putting in drive train spacer bolts they were sad when they broke the system
  • Last week, Akhila configured and wrote a program for the color sensors, in specific, finding the red box near the beacon. However, since they only have one color sensor that works, that step will be put on hold.
  • This week, Jacob and Akhila wrote steps that will direct the robot according to the plan above. Because they already had a step that drove forward, all they had to do was copy the class, and reverse the direction of the motors. Similarly, since there was an existing "turn" class, they just had to copy it, and convert to a compass turn. Later in the meeting, the original turn was converted as well.
  • Because of this, the coding was pretty fast and easy, so they could get to testing a lot faster! Testing showed that the code worked, but the angles for the turns had to be tweaked. Initially, they had the degrees at 23, for both turns. After realizing that the turn would have to encompass turning away from the red box (90 degrees) and toward the ramp (45 degrees), they changed the value oft he first turn to 100, and the second to 35. (90+45=135)
  • Unfortunately, before this change could be test, the cable connecting the controller phone to the legacy module went bad. There had been connection issues the entire time, but initially, just disconnecting and reconnecting would work. Toward the end, the cable went completely bad, so they couldn't test everything completely. This was extremely frustrating, but a new cable will be ordered.
  • In addition, two new color sensors will be ordered, so work can resume on that particular step.

Action and idea Journal

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