FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2015-12-12

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
12-December-2015 2:00-5:00pm TCHS Brandywine Bennett, Myles, Akhila, Jacob S., Matthew, Justin, Amal

Objectives / Systems Hypotheses, tests, observations, conclusions, plans
Tread Improvement
  • The decision was made to cut off the tread rubber on every tread section which had not been augmented by blue nitrile belting with the intention of increasing the step height between tread sections and thereby improving climbing performance and reliability.
  • Matt helped cut every other spot on the tank treads to help the robot climb the mountain.
  • Bennett helped Matt cut the rubber parts of the treads off. He then attempted to trim, and smooth the treads to make sure they were accurate.
  • Myles helped cut the non-blue spots on the treads and smoothed them off so the robot can climb the mountain easier and quicker.
  • Amal was working with Akhila and Snarr on the notebook. We were working on what to improve and what not to improve as well. We also talked about what went right and what went wrong during the competition.

Tasks Reflections
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Task in bold
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Action and idea Journal

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