FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2016-04-23

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Team Members in Attendance:
TCHS Brandywine

Tasks Reflections
Modifying the String Guide
  • Josh modified the string guides for the winch because they were getting in the way. They rubbed against the treads of the arm when it drove on the ground, this resulted in the tread not moving when the robot turned. To fix it, he replaced the brackets to hold the guide in place, out of the way.
Designing Buttons
  • Snarr and Trevor designed buttons for the FTC and FRC teams.
Making Buttons
  • Justin, Amal, and Matt worked on assembling buttons. Amal cut the print-outs into cuttable strips. Justin cut out the designs into a circle shape with a press. Matt used the designs to assemble the buttons with a machine.
Making Fenders
  • Myles made fenders to block debris from catching on the treads during autonomous. These have to fit certain requirements, otherwise it harms our robot rather than helps. It needs to be strong enough to push debris, but flimsy enough that it doesn’t catch on the churros.
Reducing Faults
  • Josh and Braden made the wiring very stable using zip-ties and hot glue to keep the plugs in place.

Action and idea Journal

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