FTC 7314 South Central Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament 2016

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FTC 7314's 3rd and final qualifier for the 2015-2016 season.

The team was undefeated in qualification matches, finishing as 3rd seed out of a field of 34.

2nd alliance captain 8221 (Cubix3) invited us to join their alliance, and we accepted. 8645 (Robotic Doges) completed the alliance. Together, we won the tournament. Both ourselves and 8645 qualified for the Pennsylvania Championship as result of this victory (8221 had previously qualified).

We set the PA State ResQ scoring record at 493 points. We were also the first team in Pennsylvania to score with the beacons.

FTC 7314 also received the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award. According to the judges:

This team's innovative design allows them to score in the middle and high boxes. They consistently rescued climbers in autonomous. Although they tempted the Robot Gods to sabotage their robot, in the end they came through with flying colors in winning all their qualifying matches.

South Central Pennsylvania FTC Qualifier Photo Gallery