Steering Committee 2009-05-29

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Steering Committee Meeting May 29, 2009

Attendance by Faith McKown, John Stumpo, Heather McKown, Clem McKown, Foster Schucker, Mike Rizzo

1) Financial Report The Financial report was approved

DVIRC has pledged a sizable donation to be split between FRC and VRC.
The four schools have not committed any money for FTC or VRC for 2009-2010.
Clem will redraft the money request letter. He will approach Bentley, Burns, Kinsy Nash. We need to pull the sponsor list and assign out to people to follow up on donations.

2) Term of the student officers

June 1 to May 31. - Approved

3) Term of office for the Chair of the Steering Team

June 1 to May 31 - Approved

4) Student officers: -- Approved

  • Carly McKown - Captain
  • Paul Klufas - Lt. Captain
  • Matt Klufas - Safety Captain (to work with the Safety Mentor)
  • Amanda Fallon - Co-website editor - (to work with Mike Rizzo and Foster)
  • Brianna Edwards - Co-website editor
  • Alex Hall - (new this year, not a candidate for the officer positions)
  • Praveen P - (new this year, not a candidate for the officer positions)

Letter to be sent to the students

5)Chairman of the Steering Team

  • Clem McKown - Approved

6)Approval of the 6 June competition at Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale - Approved

7) Wiki The wiki was presented and there were a number of suggestions made.

  • Need to create a "upload" group.
  • We will turn off "overlay upload".
  • Mike and Foster will make suggested changes will work with Amanda and Brianna

8) Space Decision We took measurements of the first existing bay and the new bay. The existing bay is about 30" wider than the new space.

The initial thoughts are to put a wall up as in the first bay and to get another gate to close the space off. The gate on the first space has worked out well in allowing free access to the area. We understand that the cost of the gate (@$800) is higher than a wall and a door, but the flexibility is worth it.

Clem will work out some preliminary designs on where to put the power tools in the existing bay, using the new bay as storage.

9) Garage Clean out

  • 18 July - Week 1 (Sat)
  • 25 July - Weekend 2 (Sat - in case of rain or problems on the first weekend)

10) Summer Plan

  • Tuesday Mentor Training 9 June - 18 Aug (depending on school maintenance)
  • Upper Uwchlan Day 20 June 6PM-9PM
  • Uwchlan Day 11 July Noon - 6PM
  • Need to pick two/three nights for welding classes (schedule for Wednesday nights)

(two people per night, need to schedule)

11) Pool Party

  • 12 July - McKown Pool
  • Noon to 8 PM
  • Need food organization person - Faith will send an email out asking for food donations

12) Fall Plan

  • Need to work on a training plan in details
  • There are 13 weeks between mid-Sept and the Christmas break.
  • Need to pick a weekly activity
  • Heather and Clem will work on weekly schedules
  • Need to get recruiting info printed for next week

13)Foster to publish action plan for 20 June and 22 Aug Vex events. Events are in the News and Current Event pages of the web site, need to publish an action plan

Meeting ended at 8:15PM

Next Steering Committee meeting 26 June 6:15 PM