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Team 1640 finished our third Indiana Robotics Invitational ranked 13 of 70 (62%) with a 6-3-0 record. Though we were not chosen for eliminations, this is an amazing performance playing among some the top teams in FIRST.
If it's any indication, the actual elimination matches were very hard fought. The median score differential was 12, with all but 6 of the 18 matches 15 or fewer points apart. Incredible! More points were scored in those 18 matches than in the 76 that occurred at our first district event (Hatboro-Horsham = 2855 to IRI = 2962). Despite being the last major event of the year, IRI came in near the top of more score rankings than any other event.

Qualification Matches


Drive Team: Andrew (driver), Sasha (operator), Yahya (human player), Siri (coach)

Match 7
Rocky start with a 69-37 loss with 233 and 1024 to 192, 744 and 1114. We did a strong job in the back court, despite some pickup issues. Unfortunately our partners accidentally tipped us off the bridge as we were executing a triple balance, but they managed to pull of a balance anyway.
Match 18
A painfully close loss with powerhouses 33 and 973 against more powerhouses 67, 68 and 2337. The 77 to 80 loss stung, but we did a fantastic job with the bridge and feeding from backcourt.
Match 27
2590 and 3138 pulled off a victory with us, 78-71, against the amazing 118 and their strong partners and 503, 118 and 3940. Another great backcourt experience for us.
Match 40
Awesome 68-50 victory with the awesome 148 and 2054 against 45, 2834 and 3310. Despite some continual beaterbar struggles, our defense backcourt stays strong, featuring a 1-on-2 shutdown of our fender-shooting opponents.
Match 54
Great close victory, 70-63 with the former IRI winners and Hall of Fame team 359 and division semifinalists 1732 against powerhouse 2826, division semifinalist 573 and regional semifinalist 829. What a match!
Match 64
We're on offense! We won this match, and its replay (due to field fault) with 469 and defender 781 against 1538, 71 and 2194: 83-71. We nailed our signature "annoy the inbounder" move to pick up most of the extra balls that one us the match. Good to show we're also a useful shooter!


Match 80
Triple balance in quals! An awesome balance with 217 and 1741 to win 77 to 59 against the very strong 3947, 1023 and 1902. We orchestrated this on the practice field and executed it flawlessly after an impressive frontcourt performance, including a very effective "inbounder annoyance" and a now dialed-in autonomous!
Match 89
Blowout! 113 to 39 with our friends 341 and the amazing 2056 against the Archimedes champions 4334, double regional champions 1592 and Michigan State Finalists 245. All this with our shooter acting up (but still working with some driver TLC) and Daisy's drivetrain broken. One of the highest scores of the season with only a double balance! Again a great autonomous and inbounder annoyance (we used those balls to feed 341, another great move).
Match 99
Rough loss to end the qualifications with some mechanical issues. Our strong alliance of 379 and 48 lost a tough 58-88 against amazing powerhouses 2481, 234 and 67.

1640's Overall Statistics

13th of 70 at the strongest, deepest field to ever assembled in FIRST (given the Einstein's field is so much smaller) is amazing! While our mechanical slowness to pickup and lack of consistency doomed us from elimination selection, our ranking does indeed speak to our capabilities as smart and effective defenders (front and backcourt), feeders and bridge players. Rank: 13 of 70 (83%)
Qualifying Match Record: 6-3-0
Qualifying Score: 12, ranked 9th (avg 9, top 16, stdev 3.6)

Hybrid Points: 213, ranked 23rd (avg 196, top 286, stdev 37.5)
Bridge Points: 140, ranked 14th (avg 112, top 170, stdev 32.5)
Teleop Points: 288, ranked 24th (avg 266, top 410, stdev 55.4)

Total Points: 641, ranked 18th (avg 574, top 815, stdev 99.6)

Highest Opponent Score: 88, ranked 9th (avg 102, low 74, stdev 13.7)
Average Point Differential from Averages: 22.3 (12%)
Average Match Score (Average Winning Margin): 73.4, ranked 21st (avg 66, top 136, stdev 23.2)
Winning Margins (1640's average): -32, -3, 7, 18, 7, 12, 18, 74, -30 (7.9)

Offensive Power Rating: 25.7, ranked 27th (avg 22.1, top 52.5, stdev 10.1)

OPR Hybrid: 9.7, ranked 18th (avg 7.3, top 15.9, stdev 3.7)
OPR Bridge: 5.8, ranked 28th (avg 4.2, top 10.7, stdev 3.6)
OPR Teleop: 7.5, ranked 45th (avg 9.9, top 24.4, stdev 6.1)

OPRs thanks to FRC 2834

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